Almost 2 weeks ago, October 8 to be exact, I was invited to an afternoon of pampering at the Tomas Morato branch of Status Hair Salon. With all honesty, I was hesitant. You see, I had my hair colored red a couple of months back. After a while, the color washed off and my hair turned to an icky copper brown shade. Then the black roots started growing which made it look even worse. To top it all off, I can’t have my hair color retouched for the longest time because I fear that it would only put my hair to greater stress and damage it even more. I was only trying to spare my hair.
That being said, when I came to Status Hair Salon, I asked for the Professional Keratin Treatment only. But then Sir Gerry assured me that coloring my hair with Igora Royal won’t really damage my hair. Well, he’s the expert so I put my complete trust on him and let him do whatever he deemed necessary. 
About Status Hair Salon. Status Hair Salon, created in 2011, a modern salon that caters to a young, hip, trendy, and upwardly mobile market, Status Salon provides one of the widest selection of beauty services for clients who want international quality looks while on a reasonable budget. ›At Status Hair Salon, the ‘status’ of a client’s hair is of utmost importance, which is why they have devised a system wherein each client will undergo a consultation prior to any cut, color, or treatment.

At that point my hair had 3 different shades: black roots, medium brown towards the middle and then light brown tips. We decided to follow the color of the middle part and chose the shade 7-4 Medium Blonde Beige from the Igora Royal line. Because my hair was dry and slightly frizzy, Sir Gerry applied the hair color on the roots first to avoid further damaging the ends. He constantly checked on my hair which made me feel even more confident about the treatment. I really appreciate how he focused on one client – me. At least I know my hair had his undivided attention and expertise. 
About Igora Royal. Schwarzkopf Professional’s heritage colour brand IGORA ROYAL brings you true colour in High Definition with uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention. The IGORA ROYAL High Definition Technology features a high definition colour pigment matrix for clearest tone direction, enhanced true to tuft results, amplified intensity and maximum coverage. Lipid carriers amplify the pigment penetration and lock the colour in by sealing the surface of the hair for long-lasting colour retention. THE RESULT: TRUE COLOUR IN HIGH DEFINITION

The Product Benefits: Maximum Performance, up to 100% white hair coverage, ultimate colour retention, intense colour vibrancy, perfect colour equalisation – even on porous hair, clearest lifting shades with advanced care, absolute true to tuft results!

After coloring and thoroughly rinsing my hair, they used the keratin-infused KeraTherapy on my hair to reverse any damage and, hopefully, revive it completely. It’s very light on the hair and it makes my hair instantly smooth even after the color treatment. My hair my so easy to comb and the smell was to die for! It was very light and floral. I just love it to bits.
About Keratherapy: Maximum Strength Smoothing Treatment. The most intense, most effective Keratin Renewal Treatment that smooths even the thickest, coarsest, most resistant hair. Featuring our proprietary Kerabond Technology, Extreme Renewal deeply penetrates the hair shaft for maximum repair, while pure keratin and a unique blend of silk amino acids, organic shea butter emollients and natural green tea antioxidants coat the hair to virtually eliminate dryness and brittleness, reduce excess volume and frizz, and deliver long-lasting nourishment and protection for up to 16 weeks. Safe for color-treated hair.
See how sleek my hair was after using KeraTherapy? I haven’t seen my hair look that healthy and glossy in years, I swear. It became super manageable and soft. I could just run my fingers through it forever.  However, the effect wasn’t permanent. Don’t get me wrong, it did make my hair healthier that it was before.. no doubts about that. But I guess it wasn’t enough to reverse the years of chemical treatment my hair had endured. Bottom line is that my hair is totally better now than when I walked inside their salon. It significantly lessened damage and dryness – if I were to spoil my hair with any luxurious treatments, this would be it. 
 After getting my hair done, I went for eyelash extensions to really complete the salon-pampering day. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the experience nor the result. I’ve had extensions before but it wasn’t as messy and as painful as this one. Hmm.. I wonder why. 🙁 
 See the results? The spidery effect was probably because the staff cut the ends of the individual lashes after gluing them on to make the length look uniform in a way. But cutting them made the lashes lose its wispy ends. You know what I mean? *sob
 Oooh check out my new hair color!
The color looked a bit ashy inside the salon probably because of the yellow lighting. But under direct sunlight, it’s more of a reddish brown shade which I absolutely adore! You know how much I love red, right? 🙂 I love how it’s red but still not the over-the-top kind of red because I still have to look professional when I apply for on-the-job training in auditing firms.

Look at how glossy, vibrant and healthy my hair is now! Best thing about this hair makeover is that even the tubig dagat in Puerto Galera couldn’t change the color nor dry out my hair. Forget the eyelash extensions, I so love my hair. <3 Thank you, Status Hair Salon.

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