Last month I was given the privilege to visit one of the newest Korean salon in Alabang. It was actually the first time I’ve heard of Park Jun’s Beauty Lab. My curiosity won over me and convinced me to give it a try espite my busy school schedule. Also, Park Jun;s Beauty Lab was collaborating with L’Oreal that time so I knew it has to be something good. I don’t regret braving the traffic that day going to ATC because even after almost a month, I can still see the difference the treatment has made on my hair. Read on to know more. 🙂
Korea’s Trendiest Beauty Lab Invades Alabang! Park Jun’s Beauty Lab finally finds its way to the fashionable and stylish Alabang district! Bringing with it the home-grown expertise of Korean hairdressing, the salon aims to create more trendy and updated hairstyles and hair colour to allow every Filipino to express his or her individuality. Park Jun’s Beauty Lab Alabang Branch brings the latest trends and hairdressing techniques to the Philippines through the skills of its Creative Director Kaite Kim and Style Directors Cindy Lee and Ara Jo.
Allow me to take you to a quick tour of Park Jun’s Beauty Lab newly opened branch in Alabang Town Center. 
Even from the outside it’s obvious that Park Jun’s Beauty Lab in the newest wing of Alabang Town Center is huge. It’s double – if not triple – the size of a decent salon space. Upon entering, I was greeted by their very accommodating receptionist. In front of her desk is this cozy waiting lounge that looks a lot like a coffee shop. I like how the view from the outside doesn’t look intimidating to new customers like myself.
Inside their “work area” is yet another waiting space. This time it’s a long wooden table with numerous magazines to help kill time while they do your hair and nails. Again, I’d just like to emphasize how homey and spacious the entire salon is. It’s never too crowded. 🙂 
Next, of course, is a nifty washing area that has those adjustable reclining chairs for a better fit. This kind of chairs in salons aren’t really new but I doubt if low-end salons have these. I remember one time when I was in high school, I had my hair done at a salon inside out subdivision and my neck ended up aching the following day because of those old-school ceramic sink and plastic chair combo. >.<
And lastly, the spot where everything happens.

Combine those equipment with one of the biggest hair brands and you get an equation for a great salon. Like I said, when I went to Park Jun’s Beauty Lab, it wasn’t just about the salon. It was a tie up between this new Korean salon and L’Oreal. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to have my hair colored AGAIN that time so I had my locks treated instead to get rid of the dull and dry ends.

Before actually beginning the treatment, my hair was first detoxified to remove dirt, dust and other impurities before applying steam to open my hair shafts. The usual shampooing routine came after and then first set of treatment was added. This one is for reconstructing damaged strands of the hair and strengthening them all together.

After the first treatment, a handmist similar to a leaf blower – only smaller and instead of air, fine mists come out – is used to improve the hair and scalp’s ability to absorb the next treatments. According to the assistant hair stylist in charge of my hair that day, it makes the hair absorb 5-10 times more nutrients. Again, steam was applied to reopen the shafts but this time, open steam was used.

Hey there, Ina of IamBabyPanda! 🙂 It’s such a challenge to take selfies during salon treatments such as this talaga. But hey, at least we still manage, right? 🙂
You have to hand it to the Korean salons for really coming up with the most interesting salon equipments. I mean, cmon! The steamer and vacuum were cool, right? 🙂
The photo above is the open steam I was talking about earlier. Right after this, Keratin along with the second treatment was massaged on my scalp. This time, the treatment’s main purpose it to improve the hair’s shine, softness and overall elasticity. Let me tell you, the change was very apparent even after days. Lastly, a leave-on treatment was applied to lock everything in and make the hair even more sleek, manageable and tangle-free.
And oh, she was the senior stylist in charge of my hair that day. I forgot her name but she was indeed very talented. Although too harsh for my preference. I didn’t like how she tugged and pulled on my hair or maybe I just wasn’t used to that. I believe she was trying to move fairly quickly to be more efficient. Anyway, I’d like it better if maybe next time she’d be more gentle. 🙂
Here’s what my hair looked like before and after the treatment,
My hair was still soft and a bit shiny thanks to my previous Keratin Treatment from Status Hair Salon but it’s starting to look dull and dry at the ends. I gave my stylist the permission to trim the ends to make it look healthier – I didn’t want any major haircut as I am still trying to let my locks grow longer. See the difference a small haircut and a good treatment can do to the hair? My hair looked shinier, softer and more manageable. Heck, it doesn’t only look like that because it really is soft and totally healthy. <3 I mean, you can see the picture, right? Decide for yourselves. 😉
Another service Park Jun’s Beauty Lab offers that is definitely worth a try is their INOA: The Hair Colour of the Future. With the constant demand for high quality hair products and services, there has been a rapid increase in hair colour brands that have hit the market. Women have become more discerning in their search for the best hair colouring brand and service. Safety and health are now main considerations alongside quality. L’Oreal Professionnel continues to be the top of mind brand when it comes to revolutionary hair products that provide not just excellent results but proper care for good-looking hair. 
INOA, the newest addition to the high quality colour brands highlights the following benefits: Reinforced coverage up to 100% white hair, 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition, No ammonia, no odor, Optimized scalp comfort, Supreme respect for the hair, Infinite hair colour power and 50% more shine!
Combining L’Oreal Professionnel’s advanced hair colour technologies and Park Jun’s Beauty Lab’s Korean hair expertise, every Filipina is now more able to achieve her new Korean-inspired look by availing of the INOA hair colouring and Steampod services. 
These services are available in Park Jun’s Beauty Lab Salons in the following locations: Park Jun’s Beauty Lab Alabang Branch is located at the #2224-E upper ground level, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City (2nd floor of Mark Spencer) AND Park Jun’s Beauty Lab Makati Branch is located at the G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City.
Salon contact details,
Landline: 511-8148 / 5118208 | Mobile No.: 09175085080 (Alabang)