The biggest question that is bugging every fan girl’s mind: 
Who the hell will be at the most anticipated fashion show of the season, IMPACT? Is it Mario Maurer, Zac Efron or Ian Somerhalder? 

Whoever it is, I’m sure he’s an eye candyPenshoppe really knows Pinay’s taste in guys. Indeed Penshoppe has the best looking guys to represent their brand. *drools*
But before the giveaway, let me just share my shopping date with my little sis. πŸ˜‰
Models Own Lip Gloss in Fuchsia-full from Makeupholics
A very simply dewy look because we had to leave early. My sister was right to leave early. We arrived at MOA 15 minutes before the mall opens but by 10:30am the line at the cashier was unbelievably long! I bet, by tomorrow night, all 650 invites will all be gone. LOL!
Girls, meet my little sister, Caren. My model, canvass and even my PR assistant. LOL!

She really adores Penshoppe. I can’t emphasize that enough but I will try just so you get picture. Hmm.. Ever since Mario Maurer, P’Shone from A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, became an endorser of Penshoppe, my sister never dared to shop at Bench. Her pants, blouses, shirts and even lip balm, wallet and hand sanitizers are from Penshoppe. She simply won’t accept any other local brand. Oh and by the way, she hyperventilates every time she sees Mario Maurer’s Penshoppe billboard. LOL!

 Our small haul from Penshoppe. I love my leather top! I already built a whole outfit inspired by that top. ;D
BTW, need an outfit for the show? I got you covered, girls! 
Join my Fashion Giveaway HERE.

Ok, now for the exciting part. 
I’ll be giving away  ONE (1) INVITE for Penshoppe‘s Fashion show, IMPACT, on May 26, Saturday.
The other one is for my sister. I’m not going since there will also be a bazaar @ SMX that day. Bazaars are my makeup heaven. LOL!

The giveaway starts NOW and will end on Friday afternoon. It will run for SIX (6) days. I’ll post the winner right away so he/she can prepare her outfit. πŸ™‚
All the mechanics will be on the Rafflecopter. Wait for it to load.

The invite will be given at SMX Convention hours before the start of the show. Good Luck!