I was recently planning on doing a ‘What’s In My Bag’ type of post but then I noticed that what consumes majority of the space in my bag was purely makeup so I decided to do the post some other time. On the very least, I have 4 brushes, a compact powder, 5 lipsticks, 2 blushes and other more things in my everyday makeup kit. No wonder my boyfriend always complains how heavy my bag is!
Wanting to ease my makeup load and to save money, I looked for cheaper dupes of the Z Palette. I was lucky enough to come across Wild Peach just as they were having a Christmas Promo. During the promo, you get both a personal palette and a professional palette for only Php660. I’ve always thought that palettes like these are best for makeup artist.. I didn’t expect it to be so useful like me – who, by the way, is not a makeup artist. Haha. I should’ve bought more!
Product Description:
“The Wild Peach Palette is a customizable magnetic case that is designed to allow you the freedom to mix and match your favorite cosmetic products and accessories into one compact. No more make-up clutter in your bag! More and more cosmetic refills are now available in the market.”

The Personal Palette (Php280) is 3.98″ x 3.86″ x 0.54″  in size – that’s about 3 times a normal compact foundation. I’d say it’s just right for travelling. It is slim and light as well. It’s made of sturdy cardboard material and it comes in 4 designs: 2 with glossy finish and another 2 with matte finish. The one I got is in Floral Damask with matte finish. I love the dainty look of it but it would’ve been so much better if it wasn’t matte. Matte packaging is more prone to makeup stains.
The magnet works great! I tried flipping the palette after sticking the pans and not one fell. I am confident that this palette would hold my makeup pretty well during travel. This personal palette is just the right size for basic products for everyday use. I totally recommend this to working ladies and travel junkies alike. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Professional Palette (8.38″ x 6.03″ x 0.68″) originally costs Php550. It only comes in one design; a matte black palette made of cardboard with a sizable plastic window. The window would definitely come in handy in case you have more than one palette. Since you would readily see what’s inside each palette, you won’t have to go through each one to know what’s inside. Although the window looks well-made, I am worried that if place it in a crowded makeup bag, might lose shape.

This is great for on-the-go makeup artists! I can imagine placing different blushes or contour shades side by side in this palette to really see the difference. It’ll be easier to bring this to makeup gigs as opposed to carrying individual powder compact for different shades. I’m actually thinking about buying empty refill pans online so I can depot my lipsticks and have them organized per shades here. That way I can see the variety of lipstick shades I have without going through all my lipsticks. I’m still on the fence about that idea, though. But if ever I do push through with it, I’ll be sure to make a tutorial. ๐Ÿ™‚
Although the individual palettes already come with special stickers, I still bought a couple more (Php20 each). I’ve read online that some pans actually don’t stick to magnetic plates. So just to be sure, I got these special sticker designed for non-metal makeup pans to make them stick securely to the magnetic palettes.
I have always been fascinated with Benefit Cosmetics’ packaging especially their holiday sets! I got the ‘Cabana Glama’ and ‘How To Look The Best In Everything’ from Sephora a while back and although I love the quirky packaging, they are quite bulky. I rarely use these because (1) more often than not, I forget that I have them when they’re stored deep inside my drawers and (2) I get too lazy to take them out. Plus, I can’t really bring them with me for retouching because of their individual cases. The only solution I can think of was to finally remove them from their respective boxes and put them in a sleeker packaging – something I can carry wherever I go. ๐Ÿ™‚
Now on to depotting. Since the pans are attached to a thick cardboard, I used a thin knife to push the pan out. You can see that there is still glue and cardboard material at the back of the pan. Now, using a hair iron, I applied minimal heat at the bottom of the pan to soften the glue. From there you can just remove the glue using tweezers or your fingers.
Important: Don’t leave the metal pan on the hair iron for too long. Else, the glue will just transfer to the hair iron. You can also use a lighter or stove for this. Be careful, though, since the pan can get pretty hot when heated. Don’t worry, it won’t mess up the makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚
Luckily, the pans from Benefit Cosmetics are magnetic so there’s no need to use the stickers. But in case they weren’t, the stickers are pretty easy to use. Just trace the pan on the stickers and cut them out. One side of the stickers is magnetic and the other side is the sticker – just remove the white film and attach it to the bottom of your refill pan and viola! ๐Ÿ™‚
Tadaaa! One compact has my foundation, two concealers, a powder, a bronzer and three lovely shades of eyeshadows that are perfect for everyday use. I also got to include a small brush and a dual-ended sponge-tip applicator that came with my Benefit Cosmetics kit. How’s that for saving space? <3 I still need a blush in this kit but I don’t have the heart to depot my Benefit Cosmetics Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Blushes. Haha. Maybe some other time. *wink!

P.S The scrape on the left most eyeshadow was from the knife I used to depot it. >.<
Now I have a dainty palette that has almost everything that I need. I love that it is sleek, lightweight and sturdy. It also has a huge mirror to boot! I’m pretty sure that with the cardboard material used, my personal palette will not be deformed easily inside my bag. Oh, it fits in my purse perfectly, too! My only concern is the matte finish. The design is gorgeous and I hate for it to have powder stains.
Overall, I am very impressed with these Wild Peach Personalized Palettes. They are very travel-efficient and convenient to use. They’re affordable, too! So if you’re looking for a good Z Palette dupe, I highly recommend getting the Wild Peach Personalized Palettes instead and save some bucks!
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