Like I said on my previous post (Read HERE), I finally decided to let go of the illusion that I can go on for 3 months without shopping. As timing had its way, my friend, Danice, who is totally clueless when it comes to makeup and other girly stuff, also asked me to help her shop for makeup which she could use on her everyday makeup routine.After arguing with myself, I gladly gave in and accepted the shopping date and told her to meet me at Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012 at Mega Trade Hall 1 where we could shop our hearts out.
And ever since, I’ve been itching to share with you some of the things I bought. So let’s get started.

Hair Products:

Lorys 450g for only Php 100 | Snoe Hair Heroes Shampoo Php 399.
While I was waiting for Danice, I decided to check off my list the non-makeup-related things first. I was blog-hopping last week and I came across several raves about Snoe’s Hair Heroes so I bought one. Their staff was so accommodating and bubbly though my boyfriend smirks and lets out a soft laugh every time she says “splits end”. MEAN! LOL!Then I saw that Lory’s was having this amost-50% off sale which made me grab whatever I saw first and paid for it right away without any queries as to what each variant was for. Talk about panic buying!

Neck piece for Php 250.

Another impulsive purchase. I was really tired from walking around so I decided to seat never the stage as I rest my poor feet. Before I could reach the chairs, I came across a gloomy booth manned by an old lady. No one was visiting the booth since it was located all the way at the back and the products they were selling weren’t really enticing. I kinda felt sad for the lady so I bought this. I like this piece — not really in love with it though.
Kawaii Eye Masks: (Php 50 each)

Want to know something odd about yours truly? I can’t sleep with the lights closed but I usually get irritated with the blinding light when I’m trying to sleep. Weird, I know. Oh well, at least I have the perfect excuse to buy these kawaii masks. By the way, the one on the upper right is for Michael since it reminds me so much of the guy from the viral Gangnam video.
Buy 1 Take 1 Sale:

G-Lish and L’evinia Products.
I saw a lot of things that were on Buy 1 Take 1 sale and I just couldn’t resist it. I just bought one of everything… though I’m still not sure what to do with them. Oh well, will probably just add ‘em to my next giveaways.
Random Purchases:

Hollywood Style Anti-Scar Gel Php 180.
Again as I walked around the bazaar for the nth time, I kept buying random things that I think I can use. You can list that as one of my weaknesses, doubtful self-control when it comes to shopping. LOL!

Lastly, Makeup!

MeMeMe and Milani goodies was mostly  from Makeupholics.
When Danice came, we kinda concentrated on the essential makeup and tools that she’ll use on an everyday basis – concealer, kabuki brush, powder, blush and things like that. So I didn’t get the chance to actually buy a lot for myself. It was ok though. I still have a lot to finish at home before they reach their expiration.
I also got to meet different bloggers like Aya of CodenameAya, Gelleesh of So Gelleesh, Ana of Leaving Traces and last but definitely not the least, Ms. Jheng of Iambrigitte. I kept ogling at Ms. Jheng while Danice picks out a concealer. Before moving on to the next booth, I finally mustered enough courage to introduce myself. Guess what?! She remembers me from her contest. *kilig!

I guess that’s everything I bought from Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012. I still have a small haul from Penshoppe but I didn’t get the chance to take picture of them. I’ll try to make fashion posts instead.
Is it just me or the photos look like their on sepia mode or something?
Maybe it’s the lighting. I took the pictures late last night. Oh well.