Early last month I was invited to Pink Parlour located in SM The Block to try their Brazilian Waxing service. Coming from a rather conservative family, the mere idea of exposing one’s self to a stranger is very off-putting, for me at least. But not only that, I still have to write about the whole experience which doubles the “ick factor”. 
That probably explains why it took me a couple of weeks to accept the offer and more than a month to muster enough courage to write about it. This post has the tendency to make you feel very uncomfortable and awkward but there’s no point in postponing the inevitable so here goes… ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, let me take you for quick tour first. Upon entering, I was greeted by the same chic waiting lounge that’s also visible from the outside. It looks real but up close the back portion is actually cardboard printed. I love the idea! I’m actually thinking about doing the same for my room. ๐Ÿ™‚
Behold the wall of awards. Just a quick trivia: Pink Parlour is an award-winning Singaporean brand that is known for their waxing services. Good news for us because they recently expanded their brand here in the Philippines. Amongst their awards include Best Waxing Parlour by Singapore Women’s Weekly 2011 & Best Grooming by Singapore Tatler 2009/010/2011/2012.
Besides the reception area is the spa lounge.  The area isn’t too crowned and it has ample space for every client. Plus a flat screen TV on the wall to keep their clients occupied during their relaxing mani-pedi sesh.
Each station has their own comfy single-seater sofa and a built-in sink for washing feet. You know how staff move around borrowing tubs from one area to another when washing client’s feet? Isn’t it slightly annoying how unorganized they look – scrambling around. Well, not at Pink Parlour. ๐Ÿ™‚
Just look at how wide their nail polish selection is! I’m in nail polish heaven! <3๏ปฟ At the very back, they have a shower area where clients can privately prep themselves before the getting waxed. I was led to a private, average-sized room that’s still very consistent with the place’s black and hot pink theme. Being a first timer, I was very concerned with my privacy so before anything else, I walked around the room. I’m just very skeptic by nature. ๐Ÿ™‚
Look at how cute their little brand mascot is! I believe I have a stuff toy similar to this years ago. If I’m not mistaken, my roommate gave it to me as a gift. Anyway, while I was “snooping around” and taking pictures, I saw the sanitation standards they follow. I read through it as I planned to observe if these are really followed during the actual waxing.
Please excuse my obligatory selfie shot. I liked the warm lighting as it makes the place look more intimate and welcoming. The place was relatively quiet, too, so it’s not hard to feel at ease.
Aside from the typical lotions, powders and whatnot, they have 2 different wax burners: hard wax used for Brazilian waxing and the regular hot wax for other areas.
We started with the half leg waxing. For someone who has been waxing her legs since high school, I’d say that it was rather painless when done at the Pink Parlour. No screaming or even twitching on my part. It was quick and like I said, painless.
After the leg waxing, I was then prepped for the Brazilian wax. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty part because, duh, it’s awkward but I’ll tell you this much, the prepping made me feel like a baby in a diaper changing station with all that powder. LOL!

As I was saying, the therapist was very professional. Her straight face and silence made me feel that I’m in good hands – no pun intended. I can’t tell you that it was painless because, really, it was. But the therapist explained that she did it section by section to lessen the pain. Some sections hurt more than the other but I never did let out a shriek so I’d say that in my case, the pain was still tolerable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, I’d like to commend how the therapist really did follow their standards up to the dot. At first I was curious why she kept throwing something in the bin but then I realized that she was keeping her things sanitized by not double dipping the sticks used in application. I’m quite impressed by the fact that if you pay close attention, you’ll see how closely they follow their standards. Clap clap!
I honestly thought that Brazilian waxing is something that I’d undergo just for the hell of it – one time, that’s all. It keeps “my area” clean, fresh and fuss-free. Girls, I know you’ll understand me when I say that our monthly period is less of a hassle when we welcome it hair-free down there. Simply because it’s much more hygienic.
But after surving my first ever Brazilian waxing at Pink Parlour, I think it’ll be something I’d regularly commit to like facial and eyebrow threading. And with all honesty, I think that the only place I’d trust to take care of the fuss down there is Pink Parlour. *wink!
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