My blog is finally back up! I got a few concerned messages a couple of weeks back informing me that my blog was down. As it turns out, there was a problem with the hosting and a couple of other blogs also experienced the same backlash. Oh well, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk.. plus I have this incredible new Glamour Box to cheer me up. <3

I haven’t had a lot of Glamour Box before but apparently, it’s unlike your typical subscription box. With GB, you are not completely clueless as to what the contents of the boxes are; you don’t have to bet your hard-earned money on liking the box without knowing what you’re going to get. This great because GB is not exactly cheap.

They actually announce the theme (often focused on a specific brand) of the box and the contents on their website so from there you can assess if it’s something you’d really want to spend money on. No disappointments once you receive your box because you know exactly what you’re getting. Yes, you can still purchase a box even after they start delivery and no, they’re not a monthly thing. You can order the box as long as they’re in stock which is great because it gives you time to really think about the purchase.

I believe they have a couple of boxes in stock on their website as of the moment but the one I got here is the Pop Beauty Drop-Dead Gorgeous box. I just have to tell you how much I like the old school comic-inspired box! I’m now using it for my Stabilo highlighters, haha.

Pow Wow Powder in Rockin’ Rouge (P1,190) – “These silky-smooth palettes contain four shades that complement one another and provide a seamless burst of color, definitely making it you #QuadSquadGoals”

Peak Performance Brow in Natural Brunette (P790) – “Power up your brows with this convenient brow-pencil-and-brush combo, complete with a slanted tip to perfect arches and achieve a foolproof application! Its long-lasting formula makes it stay on the whole day.”

Permanent Pout in Razzle Rose (P750) – “Perfect your pout with an incredibly powerful liquid lipstick that gives a velvety, matte finish and lasts the entire day, while promising a bleed-proof, kiss-proof formula. This gorgeous dusty rose shade complements all skin tones, and can be matched with a variety of #FOTD’s.”

Pouty Pop Crayon in Rose Romance (P395) – “A tinted lip balm that keeps lips plumped, nourished and moisturized. This is the perfect base to use before applying your Permanent Pout!”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these beautiful shades? I can totally see myself wearing Razzle Rose (left) to the office. I think it might even be my next everyday lipstick. The Rose Romance (right) is pretty as well; just a touch of color as it nourishes my lips. <3

Pop Beauty P400 Voucher

Nail Glam in Naked Metal (P450) – “Colorful trends are incredibly fun, which makes applying nail polish such an obsession! Suit your mood and wardrobe with this long-wearing mail lacquer, infused with safe ingredients that strengthen nails and allow them to breathe.”

Excluding the voucher, that’s a total of 5 full-sized products worth P3,575 for only P1,290! Same savings as with other subscription boxes but without the uncertainties as to the contents; not bad at all! <3 Plus, I don’t think I’ve tried the brand Pop Beauty before so I guess this is actually a great way test out the brand.

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