Once again, it’s the time of the year to shed from the cocoon clothing of the holidays. As the cold winds pass by, the sweltering heat of summer greets us with full force. Summer is pretty much when everything is in full bloom – from new adventures, new memories, and of course a new wardrobe that’s comfortable and trendy. This season Paperdolls plays up a mix of well-loved themes and prints and reinvents them to what Filipinos love best: fashion, comfort, and ease.
This summer, Paperdolls immerses the modern woman to three blazing collections that are sure to fire up her summer glamour.

With the sun’s nurturing warmth in the midst the flowers are given the chance to bloom once again. This summer Paperdolls cultivates a new bloom of florals that range from subtle to extravagant blossoms. Added as small details, floral motifs are incorporated to laced-collar tops or as miniature cut-outs. Day dresses also seem like they’ve been sprinkled with petal confetti making the pastel colors come alive. 
Aside from the tops and dresses, this collection also includes a line of multi-colored trousers that mimic the warmth of summer. Ranging from yellow to red orange, the pants make an ideal springboard to a blooming season. 
As summer is all about expressing life and vibrancy, it comes to no surprise that clothes for this season should exude energy and exuberance. Homegrown yet internationally competent, Paperdolls borrows some prints of the world to make one’s summer outfit truly global.
Channelling the exuberance of the Maasai people of Kenya, tops and dresses are done in rich hues of red and blue. Not only do the colours command the eyes, but so does the wild and playful prints. With tribal geometric designs to neo-Baroque prints, basic silhouettes, like the wrap dress, trousers, and kaftans become more distinctive and full of character. 
It’s time to sail away and enjoy the rays of the sun and the salty mist of the sea. A true summer classic, nautical prints always have a place in anyone’s heart. Mixing class with innovation Paperdolls reinvents nautical with a new silhouette. From the basic blouses and shirts, this time round and pencil skirts add new shapes to this collection – giving a new femininity to the theme. 
Aside from the silhouette, Paperdolls’ new nautical collection offers a refreshing rainbow of blue that somehow seems to mimic the waves of the sea. From the lighted blue in the morning sun to the deep sapphire blue of the night, Paperdolls does this color with absolute justice. It’s almost safe to say that the clothes are like crafted from the sea.
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