After a tiring day at the SandBox, we headed to Zambales in search for a nice beach. By the way if you haven’t read about our SandBox experience, do check it out HEREWe already made an online reservation at Villa Janella Beach Resort but to our surprise, a part of the resort was being renovated and to tell you honestly, it looked nothing like its pictures online. The place didn’t have a gate of its own so locals and construction workers can easily get in. There was absolutely no security or recreational activities for that matter. It was a total bust!
There was no way we were staying in a place like that so without plan B or any prior knowledge about the place, we decided to just drive around with hopes of finding a better beach resort. Good thing December wasn’t a peak season for beach resorts so we were able to score two rooms at the lovely Capones Vista Beach Resort – about 10 minutes away from the first resort. I’ll take it as a blessing in disguise because if it wasn’t for the misleading photos of the first resort, we wouldn’t have been in the area and we wouldn’t have found this little paradise.
Capones Vista Beach Resort has this amazing infinity pool that when seen from a certain angle, it looks as if the pool was actually overflowing to the beach. I bet the sands weren’t as white and as fine as that of Boracay’s but it was beautiful, nonetheless. It was much more peaceful and quieter here – just what I wanted/needed. The soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore was enough to lull me to sleep. If you’re more of the “soul searching” type than a wild, party peep then this would be your go-to beach, not Boracay. Haha.
Just because I’d rather kick back and relax during the trip doesn’t mean there’s nothing exciting to do here. Actually, they offer surfing lessons and kayaking but the waves were to big that time so the only way to surf was to go around the shore to a place with smaller waves. You’d have to ride a tricycle to go there, though. If you were wondering, surfing lessons cost P500 per hour/person. They also do island hopping which we tried on the morning right before we left. But if it were all up to me, I’d say the best way to enjoy the place was to sit and procrastinate the whole day – just appreciate nature and be humble by its beauty.
Sorry but I couldn’t help but take tons of photos at the lovely beach. The view was amazing and everything else was extremely calming. It felt safe and cozy even with the number of strangers around. It was a great place to escape the noisy, busy city life without the hustle and bustle of a crowded beach front resort.

I was totally loving the place.. and the company. How is it that we’ve been together for 5 years and I’m still smitten with this goof ball I call boyfriend. Haha. <3

Oopps! Sorry for the gritty photos. The pool looked amazing at night that I could help but take pictures despite the low lighting. The cabanas looked rather romantic because of the lights. Other guests even setup a nice bonfire just by the beach to keep themselves warm while bonding over a few beers. I was so envious! I want that for me and my friends as well, haha. I should really take them here with me next time.
We got a spacious family room and a cozy deluxe room (they’re wonderful, by the way) which cost us Php10,000, inclusive of breakfast. As we were having dinner the night before, we were asked what we wanted for breakfast the following morning and what time we want it to be served, and like clockwork, our order was all set and ready by 8 in the morning. Their beef tapa was nice but it was the All American Breakfast that got me salivating, lol. And oh, if you do get a chance to dine here, try their leche flan. I love how rich and creamy it was. Yummy!
I woke up later than everyone else so when I got up, the room was almost empty. As it turns out, they were all by the beach enjoying the cool morning breeze. Very senti! The view and the moment were perfect to be all emo and stuff. We were worried that there might be storm that time but thankfully, the weather was perfect.
After our delicious breakfast, we walked around the beach while waiting for the banca. At around 9 we boarded a small banca that would take us island hopping. The islands were stunningly beautiful but there wasn’t much to visit since a number of the islands were privately owned. They just drove the banca around the islands until we reached Anawangin Cove.
The sand was a lot finer and whiter in Anawangin Cove than at the beach resort we were stayed at. And because it wasn’t peak season, there were barely anyone except the inn keepers. The place was very quiet and solemn. I loved it! I wasn’t initially planning on swimming but the salty waves got the better of me and I ended up returning to the resort wet – didn’t bring spare clothes or towel for the island hopping. Still, it was fun.
We checked out and grabbed lunch at noon. The travel going back to Manila took about 5-6 hours considering we took a quick stopover to get coffee. The weekend trip was just what I needed and to be honest, the relaxing beach setting was perfect after a tiring day at the SandBox. Spending it with my boyfriend beside me to hold my hand as we walk by the shore made everything a thousand times better. I loved every moment of it. <3
Capones Beach Resort is located at Brgy Pundaquit San Antonio Zambales.
You can contact them thru email at or (047)603-1382.
For more information visit: