I was very privileged to be invited to Pinkbox’s Pretty in Pinkbox event last Thursday, July 25, at Zarzuela, Shangri-la EDSA. I wasn’t really familiar with the place so I just walked around – good thing I meeting in Ortigas ended early. Well as expected, the venue was overflowing with pink and girly stuff. Nothing screams Pinkbox than this lovely table arrangement, eh? I could just imagine how much effort they put into it. πŸ™‚
Upon entering, there was this registration area where they give you flower ponytails as corsage and right next to it was the photo booth. Like I said, I came rather early so I had a lot of time to kill before the event starts. I just went around to take some photos and talk to other bloggers.

I’ve always admired Pinkbox’s store design. Actually, when we were planning our house renovation and my dad asked me what I wanted to do with my room, Pinkbox was one of my inspirations. No, I won’t be painting my whole room pink but do you know the wall design they have in almost all their stores? The one with 6 squares in them and each section functions like a cork board of some sort but with different designs where you pin things? Anyway, I’ll have one made just like that and I’ll show you when my room is done. πŸ™‚
But because of this cute little setup here, I’m now thinking about having a headband stand too just like the one in the photo below – minus all the ball designs, of course. *wink! I wonder if they sell wall decors and other organizers, other than the dresser given away as a prize during the event, as well? If not, I think they should! Even the simple white frames are to die for. πŸ˜€
 Check out this pretty background for their photo booth. This reminds me, I haven’t seen our photo from the booth yet. I think Gen-zel has it. I hope I look decent in that one. :”>
 Alongside the very energetic Tita K was Ms. Nelly See, the owner of Pinkbox, who shared the brand’s humble beginning, “Pinkbox was born in 2002 when she couldn’t find hair accessories cute enough for her little girl. Eleven years later, Pinkbox has become one of the top accessory brands in the country providing a wide range of products in over 40 retail locations. It has remained true to its vision: to create one-of-a kind pieces that will be cherished by girls of all ages.” 
Ms. Liz Lanuzo, the brand manager for Pinkbox, discussed what’s new with the brand, “this 2013, Pinkbox is proud to present new products and services that will cater to the new generation of fashionable young women. It recognizes that kids and teens these days are style conscious at an earlier age. They love to express themselves by choosing their own clothes and accessories. Thus, Pinkbox decided to come out with hand-made accessories and styling services!”
A quick photo op with my fellow beauty bloggers,
Ms. Liz of Project Vanity | Some of out very talented local YouTube Gurus: Shebby of ShebbyChic, Ana of Makeup by Ana Victorino & Bing of The Project Awesome | The one and only bLAWgger, Ms. Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals | And one of my closest blogger friends, Gen-zel of Gen-zel Kisses
So what to expect from Pinkbox these coming months?
Brand Ambassadress, Verniece Enciso
If Pinkbox were a person, she would be none other than Verniece. The fresh, girly vibe and love
for fun colors and prints are shared by both. She is the brand’s muse and Brand Ambassador, a
partnership that has been years in the making.
New Store Layout by Heim Interiors
Pinkbox, too, is growing up and exchanging its all-pink store layout to something more sophisticated but still very girly. Don’t worry, the touch of pink would not be forgotten. πŸ™‚ According to Ms. Nelly, the first branch that would adapt the new layout is SM Calamba and then all other stores will follow. I can’t wait how the redesign would turn out. I’ll be sure to visit their Calamba branch once it opens.
Li’l Belle Infant Line
Fashion is ageless. Start your darlings young with the Pinkbox Li’l Belle Infant Line. Our artfully crafted fabric headbands and bonnets are sure to make your baby look stylish and pretty in a jiffy. All designs are handmade with the softest materials to guarantee comfort. The prices begin at P69.75 only.
 Pinkbox Handmade Collection
Wanna have only the most exclusive hair accessories that are made in limited quantities? Do you want a unique design straight from the heart? Then you’ll love the Pinkbox Handmade Collection. We dream of new designs for headbands and clips and bring them to reality by hand. We only make a few items per design, with new creations out every week. The prices begin at P59.75 only.
Kiddie Salon
Throw a memorable party for your little girl – bring the Pinkbox Kiddie Salon to your celebration! Our gorgeous mobile set-up designed by Heima features services like Hair Styling, Nail Art, and even Glitter Tattoo. All guests will go home looking prettier than ever once our professional staff is done given them a makeover.
There are several customizeable packages available according to your budget. Simply email marketing@pinkbox.com.ph or call 722-4370 / 721-1445 to get a quote!
Now it is so easy to be pretty – in Pinkbox! You’re never fully dressed without it. Thank you Pinkbox and Ms. Liz for inviting me. It was so nice meeting everybody. πŸ˜‰
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