It’s been a while since I last posted a product comparison. Sorry, I’ve been busy with the Mid-Summer giveaway. (If you haven’t joined yet, please click here) Anyway, I’m back to compare some brushes. πŸ™‚
I got my first brush set last year; an ELF Studio Line 11 pcs Brush Set. I’ll do a detailed review on the whole set next time. I must say, I’m not totally inlove with that set. So I had to get individual brushes instead.


Both products are relatively inexpensive. Marionnaud was for Php 199 while ELF was sold in a set for only Php 1250 (11 brushes)
Left: ELF Angled Foundation Brush   Right: Marionnaud N4 Foundation Brush
Marionnaud N4 Foundation Brush is about an inch longer than ELF Angled Foundation Brush. The small difference in length actually made the brush harder for me to control at the beginning. No worries though, I eventually figured out how to properly hold and use brushes of different lengths. πŸ™‚
They are both made of synthetic hair which makes them perfect for liquid and cream foundations. But ELF Angled Foundation Brush tends to retain the product on it’s bristles and leave streaky foundation marks because it’s a bit thick. 

Marionnaud has a rubbery handle for better grip. But personally, I find the rubber-like exterior annoying and inconvenient since it makes the handle more prone to dirt and scratches. I prefer ELF’s classic black handle. Look at how dirty my Marionnaud looks in the picture. 

 Marionnaud is more of a chiseled shape while ELF has a slanted angle that makes applying product to the corners of the eyes and sides of the nose easier.

WINNER: Marionnaud N4 Foundation Brush!