ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Butter Pecan versus Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow in Amber; this maybe the most interesting  product comparison I have done so far. Mainly because the 2 products are almost the same in a lot of categories like price (ELF: Php 129 and EB: Php 120), texture and consistency, the shade and both are also available locally (ELF is a US brand while EB is a local brand).
So if you are looking for an affordable cream/mousse eyeshadow, keep on reading to know which one is a better buy.

With Flash.

Under Direct Sunlight.

As I said earlier, EB and ELF costs almost the same. But ELF offers 2 shades of brown that can be worn everyday while EB only has one shade for the same price. 
Both come in the same screw-lid container. EB’s packaging is smaller than ELF but its also bulkier.
Texture and Blendability:
To be honest, I’m having a hard time differentiating cream with mousse because the texture is almost the same. LOL! Anyway, both eyeshadows are creamy and easy to blend. The advantage of this kind of eyeshadow is that you don’t have to use sponges or makeup brushes unlike powder eyeshadows which tend to get messy if you use your fingers.
EB gets harder to blend after a few seconds because it dries up very fast this makes it a better base color. However, ELF is more buildable because you can still mix and blend different colors even after few minutes.
Refer to the swatches. It only took 1-2 layers of EB to make vibrant and visible in photos while around 3-5 layers was made using the ELF to match the appearance of EB on photos.
Staying Power:
Halfway through the day, ELF tends to either crease or fade depending on the weather. On a normal day, it will usually crease after 4-5 hours but when its very humid, you can expect it to fade in less than 6 hours. EB, on the other hand, can last the whole day even without retouching. It fades under the cruel sun but it does not crease.