Product Arena: ELF Studio Line Crease Brush VS Barry MHi there! I’m back with another brush comparison for you, girls. Last time I compared ELF Studio Line Angled Foundation brush with Marionnaud’s N4 Foundation Brush. (Read review here) I’ll be comparing yet another brush from my ELF 11 pcs Studio Line Brush set with an individual brush I bought from the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar; Barry M pink brush.
I tried searching the internet for the exact name of the Barry M brush but I just can’t find it. Not even on their own webpage. Weird, right? Anyway, let’s just proceed to the “arena”. Get it? As in product arena? Ugh! nevermind. LOL!


Barry M’s handle is chubbier and about 1 ½ inch shorter than ELF. I find BM’s size to be very convenient and easier to control.  In terms of material used, BM is, without a doubt, made out of wood which makes it heavier that ELF’s lightweight almost plastic handle. 


I got my BM brush for Php 350 while my ELF only cost me Php 1250 for the whole 11 pcs set. Do the math. ELF is way cheaper. Plus, ELF is already available in some SM Department Stores. BM, on the other hand, can only be bought either from the internet or bazaars.
I got mine from this seller: Makeupholics


Now for the deciding factor to any brush comparisons; the bristles. BM’s bristles longer are by almost .4 cm that ELF. Yes, it maybe a small size difference but it’s pretty obvious when both brushes are placed side by side. Also, ELF is softer and thicker by .5 cm which makes it denser that BM. When you look at the brushes from top view, you can see that there are more spaces between the bristles of BM. The bristles are not compact that’s why the brush itself is flimsy.
Bleeding: During the first 2-3 times I washed my ELF brush, it bled a little but with BM, there was no bleeding. Ever.


ELF packs in more product which I find is very difficult to control (I have a bit of a heavy hand). Plus, since it’s dense, it creates harsh lines especially when used on the crease. It’s also not good for blending away products.  BUT despite everything negative about it, I love my ELF Crease brush when drawing nose line.
BM, on the other hand, doesn’t pick up a lot of products but I still reach out for it every time I do my makeup because it can blend everything nicely.
WINNER: Barry M!