During extreme weather (either super hot or unusually cold) my lips tend to get really dry and I end up having chapped lips. And with super dry chapped lips, lipstick is a nightmare! Thankfully, my lips can now adapt to the constant weather change better than it did before. But to make sure that I keep my lips smooth and soft, I always bring with me a lip balm.
Here are two of my most favorite lip balms: 
EOS in Honeysuckle Honeydew and Godiva Lico-MAX Lip Balm in Bubble Gum.

Now, a detailed comparison between the two.
EOS comes in a cute and very unique egg-shape packaging. There are also several downfalls due to its packaging: (1) it is a bit bulky and (2) when you use it while wearing lipstick, the color will stain the balm. Godiva, on the other hand, comes in a typical screw-lid container which is tiny and compact.
Ease of Application:
EOS is quite easy to apply. Just run the white contents over your lips a couple of times while in the case of the Godiva lip balm, you have to get the product using your finger. This one is a bit messy especially when you’re on-the-go.
Flavor & Smell:

EOS offers a wide variety of flavors like summer fruit, lemon drop and strawberry sorbet. I just love their smell! It’s so fruity I wanted to bite my lips and taste it. LOL! Godiva only has 2 different flavors for their lip balm; bubble gum and mint. But the smell has little to no difference at all.

EOS is smooth, non-greasy and it glides right on the lips while Godiva has tiny beads which I find irritating. Godiva is also very greasy.
Price & Availability:

EOS is usually sold online for Php 250-300 since its not available locally. If my memory serves me right, Godiva costs around Php99. It can be bought from any Watson’s and Mercury Drugstores.

In all aspects listed above, you can see that EOS is far better. But when it comes to the moisturizing effect it has on the lips, I’ll have to go with Godiva. Godiva is more like an overnight treatment instead of a balm you use before applying lipstick because honestly, any lipstick will not stay on your lips considering how greasy the Godiva lip balm is. And EOS is not moisturizing enough to be used on its own. They’re like complimentary products.
Here’s what I do, I leave the Godiva lip balm on overnight while I still to soften the chapped lips. Then I gently brush them off using my toothbrush. Lastly, I use my EOS before applying the lipstick.