I have thoroughly expressed my fondness for thick and long lashes despite my utter dislike for fake lashes (for normal days, ofcourse). So now I’m going to compare the only two lash petticoats which I think are worth buying.
Read my detailed  review on Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash here and Origins Underwear for Mascara here.
EH’s petticoat for lashes costs only Php 128 while Origins is sold for $15 (roughly around Php 645) on the internet. Huge price gap! Look at their tubes, it’s safe to say that EH contains more product. In terms of availability, EH can be found at any Etude House’s Boutiques. Origins, on the other hand, is not yet available in the Philippines.

Left: Origins Underwear for Mascara  Right: Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash
Obviously, both applicators look like that of a normal mascara except these ones are white. Origins’ bristles have the same lengths from the top to the end of the wand. While EH has narrower bristles at the upper most part which makes it easier to use when applying product on the inner corner lashes as well as at the bottom lashes.
Let’s try these babies out, shall we? 😉
Without anything.
With the petticoats on.
Left: Origins Underwear for Mascara  Right: Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash

Petticoat topped with Eyes by Design Volumizing Mascara. Read review here.

Again, thank you to my little sister for letting me use her eyes for a series of posts. 🙂
EH gives more length but Origins adds more volume to the lashes. I love how EH amplifies each lashes. I mean, it doesn’t clump up few lashes into one thick single lump of lashes like what Origins do. Origins can hold a curled lash longer though. So I don’t have to bring my eyelash curler with me when I go out.
Plus side to both products: they don’t smudge but easy to remove with proper makeup remover.
WINNER: Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash!