This will be my last post about the cream I’m currently using because I’ll be changing my skincare routine as of tonight. But ofcourse, before switching to Pure Beauty Pomegrenate Line, I’ll do a quick comparison between the 2 Godiva creams I’ve tried over the summer.
Read separate reviews here: Godiva Lico-White Cream and Godiva Fruitonique.
Left: Godiva Lico-White Cream  Right: Godiva Fruitonique
(Info taken from the back of the products)
Godiva Lico-White Cream: Helps even out skin discolorations caused by age, scar, pregnancy or overexposure to the sun. 100% fragrance-free. Paraben free.
Godiva Fruitonique: Re-youth cream uses stem cells from rare Swiss apples to make human skin cells young again. It’s not science fiction; it’s just pure science. And the results are sheer magic. Fruitnonique Re-youth cream also has fruit extracts for gentle exfoliation, licorice extract to even out skintone, Centelle Asiatica for firmer skin and squalance oil for skin hydration.

Like what is said in the product description,  Godiva Lico-White Cream is fragrance-free. On the other hand, Godiva Fruitonique Cream, having a lot of fruit extracts to it, smells like artificial apples. Are you familiar with the cheap car air freshener  used by vans? The ones that look like Christmas trees? That’s how Godiva Fruitonique Cream smells like.

I got my Godiva Fruitonique set (Read review here) for Php 350 from but the cream’s retail price is actually Php 250. Godiva Lico-White Cream is for only Php 90. Both are available at any Watson’s stores.

In terms of texture and consistency, the two creams are almost the same. The only difference is that when Godiva Lico-White Cream’s container dispenses the product, it also has a bit of a watery substance to it which makes it greasy when applied. While Godiva Fruitonique Cream dries up to a more matte look.
Godiva Lico-White Cream brightens my face temporarily. By this I mean, my face only looks clearer and brighter right after I wash my face in the morning. But with Godiva Fruitonique Cream, it’s skin lightening effect is very slow/gradual but its more of a permanent thing. And again, I’m blaming Godiva Lico-White Cream for my oily skin. 
But in terms of evening out skin discoloration, I have to give it to Godiva Lico-White Cream. It really helped remove my pimple scar on my left cheek. 🙂
This may come as a shock to you but despite the smell and the price,
WINNER: Godiva Fruitonique Cream!