Hi, ladies! Sorry for the backlogs. I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with my camera so I’ve been using shots from weeks ago. I hope you don’t mind since I still do have to finish reviewing them before moving on to my more recent purchases. Anyway, here’s a quick post before I go to bed.
October was kind of my skincare month, did you notice? I unconsciously focused on reviewing skincare products more than cosmetics which I personally think isn’t bad because neglecting our skin would be the worst thing we could do. And like I said, I like showing my skin some lovin’ once every week. My skin pampering routine is tedious as it normally takes an hour or so but it really works for me. I’ll show you what I mean next time but for now, let’s compare two of my favorite masks as of the moment; Krave Mineral Mud Masque and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
For individual detailed review, click HERE for Krave Detox & White Mineral Mud Masque and HERE for Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
I got my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque from Healthy Options in Megamall and it cost me around Php 350 while Krave Mineral Mud Masque is sold for Php 315. The difference in price is rather immaterial if based on the amount you’ll be paying alone. But if the amount of product you get is to be considered, there’s a greater saving from the 226g of QH compared to Krave’s 50g.
Both masques come in a spill-proof, travel-efficient packaging. But for faster application, I prefer Krave’s tub container because QH is slightly difficult to dispense from the toothpaste-like tube, being thick and all. Also with Krave, I always get the right amount of product I need which is the opposite for QH as I tend to get either too little or too much.

QH is smooth and thick in consistency which makes it impossible to spread thinly and evenly across the face while Krave is a little bit textured and more fluid, consistency-wise, making it easier to spread. As for the smell, they both have this undoubtedly minty scent though it’s more prominent in Krave’s masque. I’m not really bothered by the smell of any of the two but some might find Krave’s mint and citrus smell a little too overwhelming.

This, for me, is the tie breaker. Like I said on my individual review, I had a bad first impression on Krave’s masque the first time I used it because I had to endure this burning feeling during the first few minutes after application. QH also has a tingling sensation few minutes in but it’s tolerable. Good thing it was easy to get used to the burning feeling after 3-4 times of use. Though I would still not recommend this to anyone with open cuts on their face, active pimple and generally anyone with low tolerance for pain.
Now for my favorite part. Both Krave and QH masques give a fresher, brighter glow on my face immediately after rinsing it off though this effect is only temporal — more obvious on QH. I don’t care, I just love how healthy and rejuvenated my skin looks! Love love love it! What’s even more to impressive is the fact that Krave doesn’t only make the skin glow, it makes it super soft and supple. As for long term effects from both products, I can’t really say much.

Taking everything into consideration, I believe Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque takes this round only by few points. I still I love both masques though as they give slightly different effects which I like.

Have you tried any of the two variants in this post?
I’d love to here what you think.
Also, since I’m nearing the end of both products, any suggestions? 
Preferably Korean brand please. Gotta love shopping thru Seoul Catch!