I’ve always wanted to compare different products in the same product line so that readers who are planning to buy the product will know a better alternative. But of course, whatever I write here is an honest and personal view on the product.
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Let’s start.
Right after applying it.
You can really see the difference in the color and the consistency.
After few minutes,
See how EH’s BB Magic Cream blended with the skin as compared to Neutrogena?
Coverage:    Neutrogena’s coverage is great almost like a foundation. It covers pimple marks very well. I seldom use concealer when I used it. On the other hand, EH’s coverage is too light which is only perfect for those with little to no marks at all. I only use this as sunblock because the coverage is way too sheer.

Consistency:    Neutrogena is thicker than most BB creams and takes a while to blend with the skin. It takes a decent amount of skin tugging to make it blend with my skintone. EH is more on the moisturizer-like side. It spreads out easily and effortlessly. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to blend with the skin.

Packaging:    Both have a pump which is nice. But I’m having difficulty controlling the amount of product dispensed in the case of Neutrogena. Because a small amount of product covers a lot, I only need a pea-size to cover the entire face and what it dispenses in a single press is twice the amount I need. However, in the case of EH, what it dispenses is just the right amount.

Shade:    Neutrogena and EH both have only one shade available. Even though they both blends out with my skin after sometime, the shade of EH’s Magic BB Cream is closer to my Asian skintone.

Staying Power:    This is my deciding factor. Neutrogena stays the whole day while EH fades after few hours.

Price:    Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream costs Php 720 while EH’s Magic BB Cream is only Php 598. 
WINNER: Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream!