This comparison will be different. I will be comparing products of the same brand, which is Pure Beauty, but from different product lines. One will be from their Black Pearl Youth Restore line while the other one is from their Pomegranate Anti-oxidant Line.
Texture:    They both have a white-creamy texture that spreads easily around the eyes. I keep them both in the refrigerator. The eye creams feel more relaxing when applied that way.

Smell:    The Pomegranate has a strong fruity smell too it. The smell alone is not annoying (I even like the smell) but when it comes close to the eyes, my eyes become teary because of the smell. The Black Pearl has little to no smell at all. And it doesn’t irritate the eyes even with close contact.

Main Ingredient:    Black Pearl, as the name suggests, is more on anti-aging. It lessens fine lines and other signs of aging. Pomegranate, on the other hand, is to enhance blood circulation and remove free radicals and other harmful chemicals.

Effect:    Based solely on my experience, the Black Pearl reduced dark circles and fine lines in just a matter of 2 months while Pomegranate didn’t cause any noticeable change even after 3 months of use.

Price:    PB Pomegranate costs around Php 100 while PB Black Pearl is more expensive, but still affordable, at Php 179. (I got the Black Pearl for Php 99, though. It was on sale when I got it.)

WINNER: Pure Beauty Eye Cream with Black Pearl!