When I started this blog, I was going for a very specific niche that was for product dupes and comparisons — which prolly explains the blog name Product Arena. Mostly to help indecisive girls like myself make up their mind about which product to buy. But as I grew fonder of blogging, I begun to enjoy simple review posts and hauls as well. It’s been a while now since I last did a detailed product comparison and I honestly miss it.
And to rekindle my passion to what truly started my blogging, I’ll be comparing 3 different Skinfood BB Creams namely Mushroom, Read Bean and Aloe Sun. It usually takes me a great deal of time in choosing BB creams online. So I hope girls who are having the same problem find this helpful even a little bit. 🙂
Most popular Skinfood BB Creams in one gift set. 
Skinfood is one of the growing number of Korean Cosmetic brands that has fully adapted to the Philippine market. What sets it aside from all the other brands though is its unique concept which organic food for the skin. It’s like a DIY or homemade beauty alternatives that’s been commercialized. All the goodness of skincare products minus the chemicals.
The only thing I hate about the brand is that it’s overpriced here in the Philippines. I can’t emphasize that enough.
Product Details.. as if I can read it. LOL!
Aloe Sun, Mushroom and Read Bean BB creams are very similar in most categories. The three has no funky or irritating smell, they’re all housed in a travel-friendly packaging and they’re available in two shades. Being morena, I usually go for the darker shade which is #2. 
Now let’s focus on their differences.

The consistencies of the three BB cream lines of Skinfood are almost the same. Only with close inspection was I able to notice that compared to the other two which are relatively watery, Red Bean is a bit thicker in consistency making it a bit harder to blend. It requires a bit of skin-tugging to even out unlike Aloe Sun and Mushroom which blends with the skin with little to no effort at all.

Having a thicker consistency also means that Red Bean offers a better coverage than Aloe Sun and Mushroom. Since the latter two offers only sheer coverage, it gives off a more natural dewy look which is perfect for a student’s everyday look to school.
But in terms of build-ability (if there’s such a term), the two are very poor for it can only offer sheer to medium coverage even after putting on 2-4 layers while Red Bean can pass as a foundation after applying the same number of layers without feeling heavy.

Now in my opinion, the staying power of these Skinfood BB creams is a big letdown. I could only expect them to stay on for 3-5 hours so I only reach out for them on days when I only have to attend a class or two. Red Bean stays insignificantly longer. Though I still have to retouch my powder often for it makes the oiliness on my T-zone more obvious.

Overall, I would recommend these BB Creams for everyday natural looking makeup. Not only does it protect our skin from the sun with their SPF 20 PA++, they also help heal scars with long term use.
Red Bean would be a better option for those with pimple marks – myself included. I suggest you prime your face first with moisturizer so won’t have to tug on your skin a much since it would glide right on the moisturizer. For girls who are blessed with good skin, you can opt to use any of the other two.
Have you tried using BB Cream before?
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