Last time I shared my two favorite eyebrow pencils that I always use. Now, I will compare the two to help you decide which one is a better buy. But please keep in mind that whatever I write is still based solely on my opinion.
Read the separate reviews here and here.
Now, let’s start comparing.
SF offers more variety in terms of color compared to EH. But, surprisingly, EH Easy Brow Pencil’s colors are versatile. Like I said on my EH Easy Brow Pencil review, #01 still matches my hair (meaning, it doesn’t look unnatural) even after changing the color of my hair tons of times.
Staying Power:
The color of SF stays longer even without a brow fix while EH’s color fades as I perspire throughout the day.
Ease of Application:
For those with a heavier hand in applying, SF might not be the thing for you since with just a little bit of pressure; your brows will look thick and obviously drawn. You have to be careful when using this. Take your time with it. EH, on the other hand, is easier to use even when you’re in a hurry. Plus, it’s less likely to look overly done.
Both brow pencils come with their own brush/spoolie on the other end but I find SF’s spoolie more useful because the bristles not only shape the brows, it also removes excess product. EH’s comb-like brush is too thin to actually shape the brow. Honestly, I don’t really use EH’s brush instead I use a separate spoolie or a clean mascara applicator.
I got my SF retractable brow pencil for Php 150. On, you can get it for around Php 180-250. EH is available at Etude House boutiques for only Php 128.