Like I said, last Friday was my little sister’s JS promenade and it was held at Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. It was clear that I would have to do her makeup because she trusts no one with her face but me. As for her hair, I had a hairstylist fix it instead of me — experimenting with her hair right before the event is probably not the best idea. I’m still not very confident with my hair styling skills and we didn’t have much time so I just gave the stylists the instructions and a clear description of how the end result should look like to match the pink, princess-y gown we designed for my sister. Then I left my sister there at the salon as she had her hair done while I retrieve her clutch bag all the way from le BF’s house in Cavite.

Now for the million dollar question: Why use hair puff when an experienced hair stylist can achieve the updo without using the velcro hair puff? 

First, creating the needed volume for the puff without this would require teasing — something that could further damage my sister’s already damaged hair. Also, teasing combined with heavy duty hair spray is a pain to rinse off the following day as it causes the tangles to become stiffer. Lastly, my sister’s hair was newly rebonded. And as we all know, rebonded hair normally can’t hold up any hairstyle other than.. errr.. straight, of course. So without the velcro hair puff, it’s safe to assume that her updo would not survive the night. And I’m afraid her hair would deflate during their dance number. Eeek!

For less than Php 190 I get 2 hair puffs with varying sizes. One for a shy, barely-there puff and the other for a full-on puff galore. LOL! I think I could rock the smaller puff for dinner dates and small events. But as for the bigger one, well, it’ll have to wait for a bigger, grander event — until then, it shall be buried under my other unused hair products. πŸ™‚

What does this velcro-filled hair puff reminds you of? A cute little porcupine perhaps? πŸ˜€

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out! Basically, all you have to do is partition your hair and place the hair puff of choice in the middle and allow the velcro to get a good grip of your hair to avoid the puff from falling while in use. It’s fairly easy to use and not to mention convenient especially for those who, like me, are new to hair styling.

See the puff, or as I call it, “siopao hair”LOL! 

After more than 6 hours of partying.

Look! The hair puff was able to hold the “puff” even with my little sister’s thick, heavy and newly-rebonded hair with minimal setting spray! Now that’s something. πŸ™‚
Here’s what my sister’s hair looked like during her prom last week. 

Before my sister’s prom.
I’ve been practically showing you tidbits of my sister’s prom look. 
The last part would be the makeup, I guess. Teehee!
See you on my next post!