The other night I got bored watching reruns of Suits while waiting for the next season to air so I decided to look through Zalora as I try to catch some zzz’s. Boredom and online window shopping at midnight is probably not the best idea because I ended up buying things I don’t actually need.. or thought I even wanted until I saw them. Haha. Oh internet, why do you tempt me so?
This is only the second time I’ve bought anything from the site but like my previous purchase, they never disappoint. Zalora promises 1-3 days delivery to people in the Metro and around 5-7 days for people like me who lives in provincial places. Lo and behold, it only took them 2 days to delivery my order. I haven’t experienced same-day delivery before seeing as that I live in the South. This is probably the fastest I’ve had my package delivered. I’m thoroughly impressed, to tell you honestly. 🙂
I didn’t order much – you’ll be surprised that there is not a single beauty product here. Anyway, I just thought I’d show you my affordable finds.. maybe you’ll get an idea for a gift for your friend. 🙂
Let’s start with my favorite from the bunch. I love watches and anything that has leather, chains and/or spikes. Well, this Metallic Wrap-Around Watch from Ezra (Php419 | Reg. Php 699) is no exception. I was sold when I saw the combination of chain and black leather. <3 This is the first one on my cart!
I got this Mia Casa Earrings Set (Php199) for my little sister. She’s been dressing up for church lately and I thought these cute dainty pieces would make her look even girly. Plus, they’re so affordable. Haha. Spell K-U-R-I-P-O-T. 😀
Last but not the least, I also got this crazy graffiti backpack from Pink Tequila (Php599). I noticed that I have a lot of shoulder bags and handbags but not enough knapsacks.. let alone something big enough for short travels. I’ll be travelling a lot this month so I need a bag that is right for the job. And this crazy, colorful bag fits the bill. 😀
Told you this just a quick haul. Haha. I just wanted to share my affordable finds (below Php600) that can be a nice gift to a sibling or a friend. Err.. when I showed my sister the earrings set I got her, she wanted the bag instead. Silly kiddo. 😛

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