Hi, ladies! πŸ™‚ Before I bombard you with my Baguio Trip and food posts, let me just answer one question that was sent few weeks back. I wasn’t able to answer it right away because I had to buy the brushes first so I can show it to you while I talk about it. If not for this question, we wouldn’t have our Love Month Giveaway Series #2 now. *wink
Here’s the another question sent thru a message on Facebook:
“hi po miss celline regarding lang po dun sa artist studio reviews nyo, i plan to buy po ksi nun but i don’t have any idea kung ano po ung must have pag dating sa make up brushes as a beginner po. pls. help me po kung ano ung mga kukunin ko dun sa mga brush n un.. i can’t afford to buy expensive brushes po kasi kaya sasamantlahin ko n po..pls help me po :)) thank u so much po..”
– Lilli Abatayo
For the benefit of he few who doesn’t know what Artist Studio is, well, it is a cheap brand of individual brushes that are available in Landmark — amongst all other brushes there. Artist Studio brushes have been gaining quite a lot of good reviews from the blogosphere lately because (1) they’re dirt cheap compared to other makeup brushes available on and offline and (2) they have great quality (soft, dense, and doesn’t shed after wash). So basically, Artist Studio is the best brushes for beginners who are tight on budget.
Without anymore delays, here are the brushes from Artist Studio which I think are essential or basic for makeup beginner like my reader, Lilli Abatayo. πŸ™‚
For a detailed review on this brand, check out my earlier review on the HERE.
For the FACE:
The key to any great makeup look is a flawless canvass to begin with.
Foundation Brush – A good foundation brush is always a must — unless you opt to use a blending sponge or disposable wedge sponges. Clean fingers could be used in applying concealer but I still wouldn’t advise using the same in blending/applying foundation as this may result to uneven color and streaky lines.Use a brush! This particular brush from Artist Studio isn’t too dense/thick that could cause it to soak in the product.
Powder Brush – And because everything should be set with powder, it follows that a powder brush is also needed in the line-up for essential brushes. This chisel-shaped brush from Artist Studio is great for sealing the foundation because it’s dense enough to pick up product, the circumference of the brush is just right to efficiently cover the face and it doesn’t feel scratchy.

Blush/Contour Brush – It’s always best to invest in multi-purpose products when you’re starting out. This also applies in choosing your brushes. A great example of this is the blush/contour brush. The size is just about the right size for applying brush on the apples of your cheeks and the angled part is great for contouring the hallows of your cheeks and jawline.
For the EYES:
Need to say something? Express it with your eye makeup.. err.. I mean eyes. πŸ™‚
Angled Eyeshadow Brush – Another multi-purpose brush. It has the same function as a normal eyeshadow shading brush (for applying eyeshadow) but this could also be used to contour the side of the nose for a more natural-looking nose line.
Blending Brush – This is a must in any makeup kit. This dome-shaped brush has only one (very vital) purpose which is to blend out the eyeshadow to make it look soft, warm and blur the gap between different eyeshadow colors. The last thing we’d want for our eye makeup is to make the color transition look harsh and too obvious.
Pointed Liner Brush – A bit tricky to use, yes. There are a lot of alternatives for this one actually. If you prefer an angled liner brush (like the one posted HERE), you could always that instead of this one. The trade off: Pointed Liner Brush could give you more detailed lines but an ordinary Angled Liner Brush could give you more control. 
In total, this 6 individual brushes didn’t even reach Php 500. The brand really is cheap yet it still offers decent quality brushes. By the way, this post may look like an advert but it’s really not. I paid for the brushes using my own money. I just really love how affordable the brushes are. πŸ˜€
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Thank you, Lilli Abatayo, for your question! πŸ™‚
If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message, ok?
Good night! <3