While I was struggling with hair fall and frizzy hair, my boyfriend had his own hair problems. You see, my boyfriend has been plagued by severe dry scalp and dandruff for the longest time. What’s worse is that he refuses to try every single product I recommend to him.. this went on for years! Just imagine how frustrated I was during those times – I’m a beauty blogger but my own boyfriend wouldn’t trust my hair product recommendation!
Anyway, just recently, he finally decided to get a “semi-kalbo” haircut to be able to treat his scalp better. Yes, we fondly go by “redhead and baldy” now. HAHA. That was my go signal. I forced him to try the Aloe Derma Hair Care Kit I got from the Watsons Wonders Beauty Box last month.

Product Description:

Aloe Derma. The primary protein of hair called Keratin is similar to the chemical make up of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is rich is Amino Acids, which deep cleanses your hair for a healthier, thicker, and glossier appearance. Use all three products in conjunction for best results.

It’s common knowledge that Aloe Vera has naturally occurring anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. I actually learned this from my lola when I was in elementary. She has Aloe Vera plants in her garden and every now and then she would cut a leaf and apply the sap directly to my scalp saying that it’ll make my hair stronger and my scalp healthier. So I thought that if this Aloe Derma Hair Care Kit is as concentrated as it says it is, then it would be perfect for my boyfriend’s scalp issues. I actually got to try this for less than a week before asking him to try the set so this review is a mix of the results the two of us noticed from using it. Ready? 🙂
Both the Aloe Derma Shampoo and Conditioner (Php225 for 210mL each) are quite runny and light in terms of consistency. I don’t need a lot of product for my thick hair. I was surprised that the shampoo foams up – I wasn’t expecting that from a shampoo that is said to be composed of 76% organic Aloe Vera juice. I thought it would be gooey like the sap. Ooppss. The conditioner, on the other hand, was not as rich as I want it to be. It is light and I noticed how easily it untangles my hair during application.
From what I’ve read, the conditioner can be used in two different ways:  (1) for normal hair, apply it to your hair after shampooing and massage gently; leave on for a minute or two and rinse thoroughly, just like how we normally use our conditioner, or (2) for dry hair, towel dry clean hair, apply a small amount of conditioner, comb hair and let it dry as is. Since it is indeed light, you can use it as a leave-on treatment that helps detangle the hair and keep it like that.
Lastly, the holy grail of the set, the Aloe Derma Hair & Scalp Tonic (Php215 for 110mL). It is this concentrated serum that contains enzymes to help revitalize hair and scalp to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. The only thing I dislike about these Aloe Derma products is their scent – some kind of medicinal/organic smell. I can live with the subtle scent on both the shampoo and conditioner but the tonic takes a lot of work to get used to! I just can’t. It’s a tad too strong for me. Plus, I like my hair products smelling all fruity and stuff.
 Like the previous two, it is light and very watery as well. It doesn’t feel icky or heavy on the hair. And when you combine all three products, they honestly deliver great results.
My scalp never felt dry throughout my use and my hair is less frizzy, too. I didn’t get the full effect, though, since I asked my boyfriend to test it instead. For me it was average but for him, it worked like magic. The Aloe Derma Hair Care Set actually moisturized his scalp thus dramatically lessening the dandruff problem. I mean seriously, I can’t emphasize how much it helped him. His scalp isn’t itchy anymore, it’s healthier and most importantly, there’s visibly less flaking!
If you are troubled with severe scalp problems, I urge you to try this set out. I can’t stop singing praises for this hair care set. It might not be for me but it does the trick for my boyfriend. I am absolutely confident that with continuous use, his scalp would be in perfect condition when his hair grows back. I assure you, I’m not saying all these nice things about it just because I got it for free – I am perfectly capable of buying my own hair products! 😛 And I am also not obliged to write an individual review on this. Just so you know. *wink!
Aloe Derma Hair Care Kit is exclusively available at Watsons branches nationwide.
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