With the number of baths I take in one day, it is not surprising that my skin feels a little bit drier than usual. Not only that, I’ve been struggling to even out my skin tone every since our last outing. This is actually why I’m willing to try whitening products again – just to bring back my old color. If I go slightly fairer than before, that would be great though it is not my ultimate goal as of the moment. 🙂

Before switching to this lotion, I was using Vaseline Cocoa Glow Lotion. And let me tell you this, Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula is like a breath of fresh air compared to the former. Not that I hate the Vaseline one. It’s just that it’s too sticky and greasy for summer. Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion, on the other hand, is very light, soft and isn’t sticky when applied. It feels great on the skin and doesn’t cause any feeling of uneasiness when I sweat – which I do.. a lot actually.

 Product Information:
(Taken from BDJ Box)
“Feel the difference! Infuse your skin with a powerful moisturizer! Avon’s #1 Skin So Soft Lotion is now enriched with Africa’s Miracle Oil – Marula, that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Use this twice a day and feel the difference.”

Packaging-wise, there’s really nothing fancy about the white plastic bottle that Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula comes in. It’s just your average typical lotion bottle. Although I would appreciate it if it came with a pump. 🙂 As for the smell, I’m having a hard time trying to describe it but let’s see what I’ve got. Hmm.. the smell is very clean and refreshing – slightly minty – but nothing too overpowering. It is mild and yet it stays on the skin for a decent amount of time. How’s that? 🙂
As for its whitening claims, I’m already nearing 2/3’s of the bottle and I did notice a change in my color. After our Batangas beach outing last month, I came home with this very unattractive tan line from the shirt I was wearing. So if I ever choose to wear sleeveless tops, the world would see that the part near my shoulders is 2-3 shades lighter than the rest of my arm. Again, very unattractive. But after using this – along with other whitening products – I did see a great difference. The lower part of my arms is now almost the same color as my shoulders. I couldn’t ask for more given that I’ve only been using this for weeks. Overall I’d say that this is a great body lotion for summer as it is very light and refreshing to the skin. If only they could have added a teeny bit of SPF.. this would be perfect. *wink
Price: Php 350
Available at: Avon Distributors (Got mine from my April BDJ Box)
Have you tried this before? Any thoughts?
Let me know by commenting down below. See you on my next post, lovelies! 🙂