Here’s an overdue review for my Baviphat purchase months ago. If you haven’t read it yet, please read it here.
Apple AC Sleeping Pack is one of the products in Baviphat’s miracle fruit series. At first, I tried the trial pack I got from an auction. But since I can’t really assess it’s effects to my skin, I decided to buy the actual product. 
Baviphat is a Korean company so I had to buy this online.
Don’t you just love the packaging? 
I have all my Baviphat miracle fruits lined up on my desk.. and let me tell you, it looks like a garden in the morning. LOL!
According to their page:
Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

[trouble relief+nourishment]
Apples contain various fruit acids to remove old dead skin cells in order soften and brighten skin.

It has a tiny spoon as to avoid dirt and dust to get into the product and also for hygienic purposes.
I’ve been using this on/off for like 3 months now. 🙂
Use it as a substitute for cream at night. Apply an appropriate amount to face and neck. Then gently massage and tab until thoroughly absorbed. Rinse off in the next morning.

 The product is somewhat gel-like in consistency but it glides through effortlessly. 
Look how greasy my hand is after spreading the product. Its also a bit sticky. 
Its an overnight cream but when I first used it, I really wanted to wash it right off. I was afraid it would attract more dirt and will soon cause breakouts. 
Good thing I didn’t wash it off because my skin was really soft the next day. 🙂
– The packaging is soooo cute!
– The tiny spoon is very useful. I even use it with my other moisturizers.
– My skin feels so soft right after washing my face in the morning.
– It really whitens the skin. In one month time the result was visible.
– Its cheaper than most moisturizers. $21.99 or around Php950 for two miracle fruits and shipping fee.
– Very greasy and sticky after applying the product.
– Not sold locally.

Buy Again? Yes. I’m loving this product. I just wish I have the time to use it every night.
My Verdict: 4/5