Very seldom do I venture into colorful looks which prolly
explains why my 88 palette appearss to be untouched. I usually go for safer, more
subtle looks with neutral eye makeup because they could go with almost every
outfit; may it be formal or casual. But with this new baby right here, I just
can’t help but to take a trip to crazy town and go all out with its bold
shades. So if you’re one of the adventurous few who like to experiment with
upbeat makeup looks, then you’re in for a treat! Also, prepare your wallet as
I’m sure you’ll want to have this is your makeup collection. Hehe.

Available at Beauty Pro Cosmetics.

Beauty PRO Crazy Colour palette contains 15 pans of
bright look-at-me shades. They are housed in a handy leather case with magnetic
locks for your travel convenience. Each pan is about twice the size of a Php5
coin so you’re sure to get a whole lot of product for your money.
Let the swatches speak for themselves.

Upper most row.
Middle row.
Last row.
Each shade is unbelievably pigmented with or without primer!
The eyeshadow itself is so fine that it actually feels soft when applied. It is
in no way scratchy or irritating like cheap eyeshadows. The colors blend
effortlessly without making the eye makeup look like one blob of homogenous
color.  And oh, did I mention how amazing
its staying power is? Yep, even wet tissues can’t remove ‘em. Word of advice,
buy a heavy duty makeup remover for this one. *wink

The only drawback I noticed with this palette is that it
tends to have a significant amount of fallouts when used dry which is why I
always opt to use the palette wet (with
dampened brush).
This way, I could lessen the amount of fallouts. Yey!

Overall, I’m very impressed by this palette. After swatching
this, I immediately crossed out all my to-buy eyeshadows including Sleek Acid
Palette. Beauty PRO Crazy Colour palette and Urban Decay Naked palette is all
I’ll ever need. It’s definitely a great investment for makeup artists and
enthusiasts alike! I was really lucky to get this for free! Thanks, Ms. Jheng,
for hosting that contest!
I spent my whole afternoon yesterday creating and
experimenting different looks and here’s one inspired by my favorite treat;
cotton candy
. Never had I encounter such vibrant pink and purple
eyeshadows before. I had to create a look just to show them off. LOL!

So what do you think
of this look?
I bet your already
lemming for Beauty PRO palette right about now. LOL!
Let me know if you’re
interested in trying this look so I can post a complete set of materials used
and step-by-step outline…but please don’t ask me to make
a video tutorial as I am not planning to venture YT. 🙂