Two weeks ago, I saw a makeup tutorial on rainbow eye makeup and I decided to buy a small palette with bright colors just so I can practice the look. And when I saw Beauty UK Palette in SOHO BRIGHT, I knew I had to buy it! The colors looked so vibrant.. almost like my watercolor set when I was in elementary school. LOL!
Left: Day & Night Palette  Right: Soho Bright Palette
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The palette has 10 colorful eyeshadows and a sponge tip applicator.

(Info taken from Beauty UK site)
Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes – As featured in Vogue. With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beautyuk fan must have!

The colors are bright and bold. Definitely not for the shy ones. πŸ™‚


– Price ranges from Php 350-400 depending on the seller. Still very affordable!
– There are 6 different palettes to choose from. Talk about variety. πŸ™‚
– It does not crease easily when used with a good primer.
– The packaging is small and handy. Fits perfectly in any purse!
– Surprisingly, despite the small packaging, it contains a lot of product.
– The packaging doesn’t look sturdy at all. The top cover is made out of clear plastic which can be easily broken when pressure is applied or when placed inside a bag with tons of other things.
– It’s not the most pigmented eyeshadow in the world. Honestly, I was bit disappointed. I was really expecting a hyper bright set of colors. But considering the price, its ok, I guess.
– It’s a bit powdery.
– The colors doesn’t really last for the whole day.
Buy Again? Maybe. I’ll have to find a better primer first.
My Verdict: 3/5

Wondering why I didn’t swatch the other palette?

Because it’s for my lucky reader. πŸ™‚
No. 6 – Day & Night 

This palette has the perfect combination of neutral and colorful colors. You can now go from a subtle day look to a more playful party look with just one palette! 
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