Summer will be over in a few weeks but before it does, let me just share with you my go-to summer kit I bought last year in preparation for this summer. Can’t believe I said the word “summer” three times in one sentence. LOL! As I see it, summer brings out the hottest most vibrant lip colors; but for the rest of the face makeup, I prefer to have a clean, flawless-looking canvass paired with earth-tone eyeshadows. If you don’t have it, fake the “natural glowing” look with barely-there makeup! *wink
Product Description:
This vacation-ready makeup kit has everything you need for a gorgeous glow all year long. It’s the ultimate brightening & bronzing collection! Kit includes: Hoola (4.0g), Some Kind-a Gorgeous Medium (3.5), Posietint (2.5 mL), Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz & Cocoa Pizzazz eyeshadow palette (3.5g)

Like what I said on my review on BC’s How To Look The Best At Everything set (Read it HERE), I’m really a big fan of BC’s packaging. They’re unbelievably pretty and the names are downright witty. The box isn’t as bulky as it looks; it’s rather light and easy to tote around during travel. I like that it has majority of the basic things I’ll need for a vacation. I would do just fine with just this set plus a powder, mascara, lip balm, a couple of brushes and an eyelash curler – that may sound a lot but believe me, this box slashed my “to bring” list to half. It’s really convenient for traveling – I can’t stress that enough.
Another great thing about this kind of sets from Benefit Cosmetics is that I get to try the products first before I commit to buying the full-sized ones as this kit contains deluxe mini samples of the brand’s most coveted products. Imagine my joy when I saw that I could finally try the famous Hoola and Posietint for a very reasonable amount of money! This is actually great for bloggers since we tend to switch from one product to another.. this way we could try and review the products without actually spending for the full-sized ones. LOL! By the way, this set also comes with a reusable box, a mirror and loads of tricks and guide pamphlets.
Now regarding the shade. Benefit Cosmetics Cabana Glama is only available in ONE shade which is highly understandable. Girls with fairer complexion tend to go tanner during the summer while morena girls like me would prefer keeping my current skin tone. So I guess this shade, Medium, is the midpoint where the extremes meet. I really don’t have anything to rant about the shade because as far as my skin color is concerned, it fits me perfectly. πŸ™‚
Let’s head on to the quick individual reviews of each product… I’ll keep ’em short and concise, swear. πŸ˜‰
Next to the famous Nars Laguna, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzer is the cult’s favorite. I’ve always wondered why since matte bronzers are all the same to me. Well, now I know exactly why. Hoola is the kind of matte brown bronzer that could give the skin a sculpted tan but still natural-looking. It’s finely milled and nicely pressed so very minimal amount falls out or goes all over the place unlike other bronzers I’ve tried before. It’s velvety smooth on the skin and it goes on nicely. If you’re new to contouring and bronzing, this is a great product to start with. It’s easy to use and is very forgiving as it is fairly easy to blend out and blur mistakes.
If you’ve read my review on Lioele Blooming Pop in Pinky Tint (Read review HERE), BC’s Posietint is very much like that. It’s runny in consistency, glides on easily, doesn’t have any pungent smell and it leaves a nice bubble pink stain. The only differences lay on the staying power and on the pigmentation; Posietint excel in both aspects. A couple of dots of Posietint definitely goes a long way regardless whether it is used on the lips or the cheeks. Again, it is super easy to apply using the narrow brush that it comes with.
Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium
If you look at the swatch below, you’ll know that this is the exact match for my skintone which is totally amazing. I was never able to swatch it personally before buying this kit, by the way. So yeah, the shade Medium is perfect. Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a cream-type foundation that is surprisingly thin and feels light when applied. It offers medium coverage and is still buildable although it could be prone to caking when not set properly. Unlike the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, this particular foundation doesn’t oxidize or change color as much which I really like. It gives a slightly dewy finish. I personally prefer to top it off with loads of powder to make it matte. My only problem with this is that I find it a bit too waxy for my preference and it has a strong plastic-like smell. I’m not sensitive to scents but it does bother me.
Eyeshadow Trio (Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz & Cocoa Pizzazz)
Benefit Cosmetics is not really known for their eyeshadows (correct me if I’m wrong) and I don’t know why. These three shades are just lovely! They’re soft against the skin, pigmented and absolutely zero fall outs. They’re a joy to blend, not chalky and even the shimmer looks really natural. Cocoa Pizzazz and Bronze Buzz look exactly the same when swatched. However, I can’t say the same for Peach Fizz. From the box it looks pinkish, almost mauve, but when swatched it becomes almost champagne-like. It’s still gorgeous but very different from the one in the box. Still love it though. With these 3 shades, it super easy to create an easy-going smokey eyes. Perfect for beach parties! <3
… brush included in the kit.
This travel-efficient brush that came with the kit is definitely an awesome contour brush. Just load it up with the Hoola bronzer, give the hallows of your cheeks and jaw line on quick swipe and viola! a sharper looking jaw and more prominent cheekbones. If you wish to make it more subtle, just dust of the excess and blend the product ever-so-slightly to blur the lines. This brush is incredibly soft. I just love it!
Everything is just extremely pigmented and the overall look it creates is just amazing. It’s soft, subtle and natural-looking. The application is a breeze. I definitely got my money’s worth with this one. Such a perfect set for summer outings.
I’ll try my very best to create a look using this set but I really can’t promise you anything. As you can probably see from the swatches above, the color looks “natural” – or as I call it “skintone” – on me. So even if it looks really nice on person, it won’t translate as well in photos. Boo! Don’t worry though; I’ll still give it a try… for you. *wink
Price: $36 – I think it’s on sale now!
Available at: Sephora

What’s your favorite Benefit Cosmetics product? Would you try this kit?
Let me know and I’ll see you on my next post!