When we put on our makeup, the usual goals are always: (1) make our skin appear flawless and (2) make our eyes pop. Notice why majority of the makeup categories are for the eyes… it’s because our eye makeup distinguishes one look from another. You can go from girly to punk without deviating from your normal face routine but you can’t do that with same eye makeup.
But for normal uneventful days, we wouldn’t want to look overly done with creative/dramatic eye makeup. The best we could do is to make our eyes look less droopy. And from what I learned during the last makeup workshop I attended (Read post HERE), eyeliner and mascara comes hand in hand in achieving exactly that.
Girls, let me introduce you to my new found friend. 😀
Brand : Berrisom
Volume: 8g
Retail Price :USD 16.9
Made in Korea

(Product Info taken from Wish Trend‘s site)
The ultimate mascara Volume, curl, and long lashing ALL IN ONE.
Super Curve Brush – 80 degree curving + XXL Volume + 150% longer lashes
+ 24 hours sustainability.
Sericin + Mineral Complex.
The mascara comes with a typical spoolie/wand. The only thing different about it is that it is slightly arched. I think the idea behind it was that; you can apply mascara on the entire lashes (from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner of the eyes) with just one swipe since the arch is the same as the curve of our lash line. Did I make any point there or was I just talking gibberish? LOL!
Take note of how much product is concentrated on the tip of the wand as compared to all other parts. This made application a bit messy during the first few times I used it.
Barely there lashes.

Shout out to my little sister, Caren. Thanks for letting me use your lashes (again) for my product review. LOL! When it comes to mascaras and contact lenses, I always ask her to be my doll as I try them on her. Because I’m a better photographer than her. 🙂

It’s noticeably thicker…
… and longer.
– The packaging makes it look like an expensive high-end brand. I love it! 😀
– Very minimal clumps.
– It makes the lashes appear longer and thicker but still natural-looking.
– It doesn’t run when it gets wet. Instead, they chip off and turn to tiny black balls. No need to worry about black water lines when you cry or when it rains. 😀
– And my favorite part, it doesn’t smudge! 
– Like what I said, it’s a bit messy to use at first. But once you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll love it.
– Not available locally but you can get it from Wish Trend. Visit their page  HERE .
Buy Again? YES! 
My Verdict: 4.5/5
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