Whenever I get too stressed out, I notice my body feel unusually sluggish while my hair becomes so dry and brittle that it’s often more prone to breakage. To be honest, the sheer volume of my hair fall after bathing is becoming truly bothersome so I started using hair products that are specifically created to target my mild hair loss problem. The timing of Matrix’s introduction of their newest line, Biolage FiberStrong, could not have been better. It was just what I needed at the moment.
Product Description:
Mimicking the strength of Bamboo, FiberStrong is a hair care range that provides weak, fragile hair with strength & flexibility. With the Pelicure Service available in salons, Matrix recommends women to continue maintaining their hair at home with FiberStrong Shampoo,Conditioner and Mask. These are professional hairdresser prescribed products that can be availed in Matrix salon partners.

 The set came with 3 products: the shampoo and conditioner combo for every day use and the mask for a weekly, at-home hair treatment. What I personally love about these products, besides smelling oh-so good, is that they’re also thick, rich and easy to rinse off. They don’t take forever to rinse off which is exactly what I need in the morning. Plus, my hair feels instantly soft afterwards. Soft AND shiny, too! Oh okay, I cheated a bit. You’re only supposed to use the mask once a week but I used mine THRICE in the past week. Haha. I can’t help it, my hair feels incredibly soft after wash! <3
 Aside from the immediate results, I also noticed my hair became stronger and somewhat more elastic. I often hear my hair breaking when I comb it wet but after using Biolage FiberStrong for almost a week, I can actually tug on my hair with a little more force than usual without breaking it. My hair could use a little more help but with continuous use, I’m quite sure that Biolage FiberStrong could be the key to my hair fall worries. Of all the hair products I’m testing out, this, by far, is the best solution for hair fall. 🙂
 To let my lovely readers experience the goodness of these salon professional products, I’ll be giving away three (3) sets of Biolage FiberStrong Shampoo,Conditioner and Mask. <3
Know more on my next post. See you soon! 🙂