I’m not a big fan of books – this probably explains why I’m a poor writer. LOL! The only time I would be willing to spend on books is when they’re beauty-related. I actually think of it as investing rather than just splurging because I get to learn so much from them. I remember my first ever makeup book was a gift from my dear friend, Angie. I had been eyeing Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual for weeks when Angie finally decided to buy it for me as an early birthday/Christmas gift. Pichie, if you’re reading this, thanks again! πŸ™‚

Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual taught me so much. I blame it for triggering my addiction to beauty books. And because I have the most supportive people around me, I received 3 beauty books that month alone. I’m over that “book phase” now but I still go through the ones I have from time to time especially when I need references for my blog posts. πŸ™‚

Going back to the topic. My first beauty book introduced me to the brand Bobbi Brown. Is it weird that I heard of that book first before the actual brand? Well, at least now I finally own something from the brand pro makeup artists rave about.

Product Description:
Limited Edition-Create an elegant look with shimmery eyes using the two Blush and three shadow shades in this palette. Bobbi included two Blush shades that go on sheer to instantly flatter your look.
For eyes: Bone Eyeshadow, Smoke Eyeshadow and Dusk Eyeshadow
For cheeks: Pale Pink Blush and Pink Rose Blush
Bobbi Brown Face Palette For Eyes and Cheeks is housed in this sophisticated black compact with the brand name flaunted shamelessly on top. I love showing off my high end products to my super kulit cousin who regularly rummages my makeup stash. Don’t judge me! LOL. πŸ™‚ The compact locks securely and it comes with a huge mirror inside too. I like how big the mirror is. No need to bring a separate pocket mirror for quick retouches!
With respect to the contents, I personally think the packaging might be a bit too bulky. It isn’t entirely troublesome to lug around but I would appreciate it even more if the case is somewhat slimmer. The overall design and product placement inside is very nice – the pans are too close to each other but still very neat. Also, just the thought of have 3 shades perfect to create a gorgeous smokey eye makeup and 2 wearable shades of blushes that compliments almost any skintone makes this kit worth keeping in my makeup kit. Great for travelling and for unplanned night out with the girls!
STEP 1-2-3: Use dusk as an all-over base to give warmth to the area. Apply smoke to the outer corner of the eyes blending it into the sockets to darken and deepen the crease area and then extending it halfway on the lower lash line. Lastly, highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes with bone. Viola!
EYESHADOWS. I tried this handy palette right after swatching my new found love, Estee Lauder Pure Eyeshadow Quad Palette (Read review HERE) and the eyeshadows in this palette did not quite measure up in terms of texture. Don’t get me wrong, all 3 eyeshadows are finely milled, pressed and they glide on smoothly too. But sadly, not as silky smooth as the Estee Lauder Quad. At least in the pigmentation department, this Bobbi Brown Face Palette outperformed the former. The eyeshadow shades are gorgeous and can be blended easily. There was also very minimal fallout. But for something that costs thrice as much, I expected this palette to be leaps and bounds better than the Estee Lauder Quad in all significant aspects.
BLUSHES. I love the blush shades especially the Pale Pink but the color payoff is not nowhere near MAC or even CanMake Cheek & Cheek blush (Read review HERE). This makes it great for those who are heavy-handed when applying blush because it allows them to build the color gradually. So the fact that it’s not crazily pigmented is both a good (it’s quite difficult to overdo the blush) and a bad thing depending on how you look at it and how you apply blush. πŸ™‚
All 3 eyeshadows shades stay on for a good amount of time with or without primer. They also don’t crease despite my constant sweating and my slightly oily eyelids. The blush, however, is a whole different story. Both shades don’t last long on the face. When my face starts to oil up, I can expect the blush to vanish any time soon after that.

Bottom line is, everything is about this palette is relatively average and fairly decent, pigmentation- and texture-wise. I honestly don’t see myself spending on this set in the future. I must say, I’m pretty disappointed with this product; I had high hopes for Bobbi Brown.. Maybe I’m just unlucky with this palette – I’ll try to get my hands on their famous concealer next. πŸ™‚

Price: I believe this palette is Limited Edition but you can get it for $30
Available at: Ebay.ph
What’s your favorite Bobbi Brown product? Care to share?
Comment ’em down below and I’ll see you on my next post. πŸ™‚