I don’t know why but my lips became so dry a few weeks ago that it totally prevented me from wearing any lipstick. You know how unattractive it is when you layer on bold-colored lipstick on dry, cracked up lips and the pigment would just seep into the crevices, right? Major eww! So I lived off lip tints for a while until my lips got better.. just to give them a bit of color. There are actually two lip tints that really stood out from my stash, and the first one being Brillante Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon in Classic Red Tint. đŸ™‚

Product Description:
(Taken from www.brillantereve.com)
Brillante Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon. Lip make-up Crayon Type Lip Rouge, easy to draw lip outlines, able to pencil precisely. Creamy type, soft application, presents a glossy make-up with a very smooth, adhesive coated feeling on lips. Keep moist with moisturizing care, making for beautiful lips.
Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon comes in this typical tube packaging with a twist bottom. It’s housed in a simple white plastic tube with a clear cap to be able to see the shade faster. The markings on the sides of the tube are nice and clear, although a bit too small – especially for the shade name. Come to think of it, this kind of crayon-like packaging is becoming more and more common in the market today; it’s easier to use and is more travel-efficient, obviously. But with Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon, the product goes all the way down the tube so there’s no risk of accidentally cutting off a portion when putting the cap back on in a hurry. It doesn’t say exactly how much product the tube contains but from the looks of it; I’ll saying, A LOT!
I noticed that both the manufacture and expiration dates are printed on the cap. It may be a small thing but for someone who stores a lot of lipsticks, I can’t really keep track of all their expiration dates so this tiny detail really made a big impact on me. I wish all products have this!  <3
Brillante Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon is available in 5 shades: Classic Peach, Classic Pink, Classic Orange, Classic Rose and this one, Classic Red Tint. Classic Red Tint is a sheer salmon pink shade that has a light sheen finish to it. I admit, it looks nothing like the one on the tube but it still looks great. On my lips, it comes off as “my lips only better” shade but with a bit more oomph to it. It looks natural which makes it great for everyday use. Plus the sheen makes my lips look a lot less dry and more plump than usual.
Based from other reviews online, the other shades appear to be a tad more opaque than this one. That said, I believe I’m only speaking for Classic Red Tint alone when I say that it is creamy and it glides on effortlessly on the lips. It isn’t drying at all! If anything, it’s actually very moisturizing on the lips. Brillante Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon is soft but it doesn’t easily melt. Also, it has this lovely cherry scent to it that I totally love. It’s sweet and subtle at the same time.
Like I said, Brillante Reve Shining Tint Auto Crayon in Classic Red Tint is great for everyday use. It is the perfect marriage between lip tint and lip gloss. Plus, the shade is just perfect for my lips. It truly looks natural. Given its finish, it doesn’t have much staying power to it. It lasts for about 2-3 hours without eating. After which, I have to do a quick retouch but the best part of this product is that it is very forgiving – not only does it NOT settle on lines and crevices of dry lips but it also disguises them as well. It makes my smackers look supple and soft. The photo below is all the proof you’ll need. *wink!
Price: Php 128
Available at: Hayan Korea Counters and Serry Mall
For more information, visit www.serrymall.theshop.ph