Brace yourselves, ladies. The “hotter season” is here. Don’t get me wrong; I’m totally up for both the out-of-town trips and the lazy weekdays at home. What I don’t like is how the temp spikes up – like our usual humid weather isn’t enough – and ultimately melts all my makeup as soon as I walk out the door. Like always, I’ll have to switch to lighter and more lasting products. Summer is when I trade foundations for tinted moisturizers, and coverage for higher SPF content.
This is actually the first product I tried from BYS but if I’m not mistaken, this brand made its debut in the Philippines some time last year and this matte foundation is just one of its many products. BYS is an Australian brand that and it actually stands for “Be YourSelf”. It’s in fact a drugstore brand so you can expect it to be on the more affordable side of the spectrum.
As much as I want to go with products with lighter coverage, I simply can’t at the moment because I have new marks on my cheeks that need to be concealed hence the new foundation. But because it is summer, I opted to get one that has a matte finish so as to avoid looking like a grease ball mid-day.

BYS Matte Foundation is housed in a basic glass pump bottle that is rather too heavy for travelling. The cap that covers the pump is a bit too loose as well – this makes me worry that it could accidentally pop off and create a mess in my bag if I do decide to take it with me. It looks good, though.. just not for travelling. πŸ™‚

When I first dispensed the product, I was surprised that it came out thick and chunky. I was about to say fluffy but it didn’t look smooth so I settled for “chunky”, haha. Well, more like blobs of foundation. πŸ™‚ It is pretty obvious, too, that the foundation itself was textured. BYS Matte Foundation has tiny particles that seemed to look a lot like powder mixed with foundation. I was again worried that the application might feel rough and gritty against the skin but to my relief, it was not. It may have seemed to be thick but it goes on the skin smoothly and effortlessly. As long as I use a dampened sponge, there won’t be any difficulty in blending the product in spite of the consistency.

I like how it offers medium to heavy coverage that is easily buildable. It only takes a small amount of product and minimal layer to cover imperfections. With this,  I barely need to use a separate concealer to cover marks. I got the shade Natural Beige, by the way, which is a few shades lighter than my NC35 skin tone. And although it has this talc powder scent that is hard to ignore at first, it eventually fades naman.

As promised, it did provide matte, powdery finish. The finish was FLAWLESS. However, my face looked like it was heavily powdered which greatly emphasized dry patches around the corner of my nose and cheek area. It didn’t latch on my skin as well. Instead, it just “sat” on top of my face, creating an obvious layer of foundation. It wasn’t very nice, to be honest. πŸ™

I would, however, want to commend the wear time it provides. It could stay on for 5-6 hours with minimal fading and it does help immensely in controlling excessive oil on the T-zone. It doesn’t change color too much or darken even after hours of wear. I know a lot of girls have problem with foundations that become too dark or too orange after a while, that isn’t the case for BYS Matte Foundation. Even if it does change, like all other foundations, it is minimal and highly unnoticeable.
Like I said, BYS Matte Foundation in Natural Beige is way too light for me so the only way I could wear it is to use a powder foundation that is 2 shades darker than what I would normally use. In this case (photo below), I used Shiseido UV Protect Compact in Medium Beige. The finish looks flawless from a far but up close, you’ll see that the layer is a bit too thick. Well, for me at least.
I honestly wanted to like this product. I did pay for it, after all. But between the scent and the feel of it, I really think this particular BYS foundation isn’t for me. It has the potential to be a great summer foundation; just not for me, I guess. I would, however, recommend this to those who experience excessive oiliness all over the face. The powdery finish would certainly be a lot of help in keeping oiliness at bay.
Price:Around Php600
Available at: Watsons & SM Department Stores
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