I’m honestly not a lip gloss person. It’s certainly not fun having your hair stuck on your glossy pout as the wind blows while you’re travelling. But just like everything else, I have some exceptions like when the color and packaging is just too cute to resist or better yet, if the formulation is not at all sticky. One of the very few lip glosses that made it to the cut is this Candy Wrap Lip from a very famous and kawaii Japanese brand, CanMake.
Product Description:
(Taken from www.canmake.com)
Colorful and sweet like candy. Color looks the same on your lips as it does in the tube. With masses of beauty essence to moisturize your lips. 
A lip color that dramatically changes the impression of your face. We have carefully selected four shades that will make your complexion look brighter. Choose the perfect color according to your make-up, fashion style or even just how you feel that day!
CanMake Candy Wrap Lip is housed in a thick, almost glass-like, plastic tube that appears to be very durable.  This, combined with the simple floral design and silver cap embossed with the brand name, makes the overall packaging looks very chic and expensive. The applicator is much like all other lip gloss doe foot applicators but this one has noticeable hair-like fibers on the flat tip.
Consistency-wise, it isn’t exactly gooey. Instead, it’s like a very thin jelly of some sort that has a faint “royal-jelly-meets-plastic” smell. Don’t worry, the scent isn’t annoying at all. CanMake Candy Wrap Lip isn’t exactly smooth when applied because of the jelly consistency but it isn’t sticky either. It’s definitely not as heavy as most lip glosses. Come to think of it, it’s relatively light on the lips for a gloss. Thankfully, because of its moisturizing agents, it doesn’t contribute to further drying of my lips. Well if anything, it’s actually very moisturizing.


CanMake Candy Wrap Lip has 11 fruity shades available. Peach Shower, or just 03 for short, is described on their site as a coral pink shade that gives a natural-looking finish. Yup, contrary to its name, it’s not peachy at all. It’s more of a nude pink with a tinge of coral when swatched. But much like most lip glosses, this particular shade doesn’t have much color in it and it tends to sit on the lines of the lips.

As for the staying power, it stays on for about 2 hours despite heavy eating. That’s not bad because I usually just wipe off my lip gloss minutes after applying it because they’re irritating and sticky.. not for this one though. This one is very tolerable, for me at least. πŸ™‚

I’m still not a gloss person but if ever I need a glossy pucker to complete a look, this would most definitely be my first choice. That is, of course, on top of a lipstick to cover my dark lip lines. πŸ˜‰
Again, I have to apologize for my lips. I know, they look weird. Boo!
Price: To be updated.
Available at: Their flagship store in the Philippines will be launched SOON!

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