Ever since my last pimple breakout, I can’t really wear cream blushes or even cheek stains. This is because applying such could also mean spreading out the coverage I already set on my cheeks to cover my pimple marks. Why powder blushes instead? Because dusting powder blush on top of my “made up” face doesn’t reduce or alter the coverage laid out earlier. Does that make any sense to you? Well, that being said, I was able to finish up the Krave Blush Crush I’ve been using for months. It’s very timely too because I was itching  to try out this CanMake Cheek & Cheek Blush I got from their event few weeks ago (Read about it HERE).
Product Description:
(Taken from www.canmake.com)
Flower-like colors. High-color shades that will make it look as though your cheeks are suddenly flushed with happiness. The moist powder clings tightly to your cheeks. Use the two shades cleverly to make your face look smaller! Layer the two shades to discover your very own color!
I have to admit, CanMake Cheek & Cheek Blush’s packaging is so kawaii. The design is very minimalist but the detailed edge of the plastic case and the sparkling silver label and design makes it look really cute and classy at the same time. My only problem with the packaging is that the plastic case itself is very very thin and fragile. I always put extra care in opening it so as to lessen the chances of accidentally detaching the upper part from the lower part. I can’t even put it in my everyday kit. I fear that it will break due to pressure – I have A LOT in my kit. So I end up allotting a special slot in my bag for it. πŸ™‚

According to CanMake’s official site, Cheek & Cheek Blush has a wide selection of shades (total of 8, each containing 2 distinct shades). What I have here is in 01 Candy Flower. It has a subtle baby pink shade on one side and a rich coral shade on the other. Both shades are neither chalky nor powdery although I did notice minimal fallouts when I run my brush on it a couple of times. Simply put, there were fallouts in picking up the product from its packaging but none when applied on the face. They’re also soft against the skin and they’re easily blendable which makes them perfect for inventing/discovering unique combinations of shades.
Hands down, this is by far the best brush that came as a freebie. It really took me as a surprise because normally, I just stash away the applicators that come with my blushes and eyeshadows. Why? Because more often than not, they’re good for nothing – rough and scratchy on the skin, insane fallouts and the bristles are just plain stiff. But not this one… Oh no, definitely not this one. Anyone who’s tried even touching this before would agree. This tiny brush is incredibly soft and smooth against the skin. Absolutely no fallouts or bleeding when washed. The only down side for this particular brush is its size. It’s a bit too small for me thus making it hard to control. It’s great for applying color on the apples of the cheeks (for coral shade) but I still prefer using my Virginia Olsen Angled Blush brush (Read review HERE) to cover a much greater area (for the pink shade).
TIP & TRICK: Personally, I like brushing the light pink shade across my entire cheek area going slightly upward to my temples to give my face a subtle pinkish glow. If I feel the need for a little more color, I use the orange shade on the apples of my cheeks to fake that natural flushed effect.
The coral shade is more pigmented than the other but both shades offers amazing color payoff that are buildable to a certain degree. For something that looks like a child’s makeup toy, CanMake Cheek & Cheek Blush really is highly pigmented. For the real test, was it able to withstand our countries humid weather? Without a shadow of a doubt, YES! It has truly incredible staying power despite all the sweating. Mind you, I have oily combination skin during hot seasons like this so typical powder blushes don’t really last long on me. But with CanMake Cheek & Cheek Blush, I do not see the need to retouch even after 4-5 hours.

I genuinely like this blush and I’m not just saying that. I actually plan on buying 02 Tiara Rose and 07 Orange Bouquet when they become available next month. I’m really excited! Don’t worry; I’ll update this post to show you swatches of the other shades. πŸ™‚

Price: To be updated.
Available at: Their flagship store in the Philippines will be launched next month.
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