Ever since I started using brow mascara, I can’t complete my makeup routine without it. What brow mascara basically does is that it keeps the eyebrow strands in place all throughout the day and also gives it a little tint of color. Although they are all created [mainly] for the same purpose, it’s important to bear in mind that not all brow mascaras are created equally. Much like everything else when it comes to makeup, some products become a staple and worth repurchasing, like my all-time favorite Majolica Majorca Brow Colorist, while some are just a passing trend I experiment with.
Product Description:
(Taken from www.canmake.com)
Change your eyebrow color instantly. Waterproof eyebrow mascara. This mascara-type eyebrow color quickly and easily brightens up your entire look, allowing you to sport a different eyebrow color every day, so you can coordinate it with your hair, make-up and outfit.
Like any other brow mascaras, the Canmake Coloring Eyebrow is housed in a tube packaging with a standard spoolie like that of a mascara. There is nothing special about the packaging or the applicator. The size is just about right for my brows but the narrow tip makes it slightly tricky to create the pointed tail end of my brows. I often go outside the brow outline I create. Good thing it’s easy to wipe off the excess and it doesn’t leave a stain on the skin.

By the way, if this is the first time you’ve heard of the brand Canmake, it’s actually a Japanese brand that really focuses on the kawaii fashion/look. Most of their products like lip gloss and blushes are very bright, girly, and mostly pink. Haha. They have a few kiosks in malls, too.

I’m not entirely sure about the shade I got but this was the only one available when I came across their kiosk in SM Southmall. I didn’t even bother swatching the product before buying it because it was on sale! haha. Upon checking their website, they apparently have 4 shades for the Coloring Eyebrow and the one I got is called 04 Bronze Brown.

True enough, it is this somewhat metallic bronze color with an awful lot of glitters on it. If you’re into that kind of thing, you might like this. But I prefer my brow mascaras devoid of any kind of glitters.. it just looks weird if my brows have glitters on them. The pigmentation isn’t very impressive, too. Or maybe it’s because the glitters overpower the color payoff. In any case, I’m just not digging it. I should’ve gotten a darker, less glittery shade.

Before: brows filled in using K-Palette 2Way Brow in 01. After: with Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in 04, then brushed off the glitters using a clean spoolie. Its staying power sure does make up for its lack in color payoff. Canmake Coloring Eyebrow stays on for hours and it is able to resist sweating. It keeps the brow hairs in place and it does offer a slight hint of color. For me, it works best with the K-Palette 2Way Brow in 01 since it lightens it a bit; 01 looks a bit too dark on me given my current hair color.

I’m not overly impressed with the Canmake Coloring Eyebrow. It does its job in keeping my brows in place and it does offer a bit of tint BUT there are a lot better alternatives in the market when it comes to brow mascaras. Also, if I’m buying something from Canmake, it might as well be their Smooth Skin Primer. Now that one is the bomb! <3

Price: Php200 (on sale)
Available at: Canmake Kiosk in SM Southmall
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