Here’s another fun/weird fact about me: for a girl, I have hairy forearms or we call it in tagalog, “balbon”. Sometime I think that if only a small portion of those hair were concentrated on my lashes, I would lush and fuller lashes. If only I could pluck the hair from my forearm and glue it on my lashes like individual falsies except they would be permanent. Am I really that weird? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has things all in the wrong places. Please? LOL!

Anyway, I was really never one for longer and fuller lashes. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sexiness full lashes can instantly give the eyes but for me, it’s more important to have stronger and well-reconditioned lashes considering all the mascara I use on a daily basis. Good thing I was introduced to this Japanese brand called Canmake – who claims to recondition and grow lashes at the same time. 🙂
Product Information
(Taken from
Care for your lashes every morning and evening☆
Contains an abundance of conditioning agents as well as seven types of botanical ingredient, to transform your lashes, making them springy. The Canmake Lash Care Essence has been formulated to be kind to your lashes, containing seven types of botanical ingredient, including Japanese green gentian extract and Asian ginseng, in addition to the usual moisturizing and protective agents such as collagen, as well as panthenol and silk to repair damaged lashes.
This was actually the first time I’ve heard of the brand Canmake and since everything was written in Japanese, I had to do a quick research about the product and brand. But before we go to that, first thing’s first – the packaging. As you can see, Canmake Eye Lash Care Essence is housed in a slim, vibrant red lip gloss-like tube. It’s very slim and lightweight so it’s very easy to travel with. Application is fairly easy. Just take the white narrow doe foot applicator and use it to brush the product unto your lashes – just like applying mascara. Next, whatever’s left on the applicator is used on the lash line. Now just line the lash line; pretend that you’re using an eyeliner. Do the same on the lower lash line. Easy, right? 🙂

Inside the red tube is a clear, scentless water-type essence. It’s actually good that it’s scentless because even if you’re not sensitive to product smells, strong smells could cause the eyes to tear up or sometimes even irritate it. Its consistency is somewhere between gel and water so it’s light and refreshing on the lashes. Seriously, its just like applying clear mascara but with a whole lot of benefits.

I regret not documenting the progress because honestly, when I started using it, I really didn’t expect much from it. I’ve been using this for almost a month and I noticed that my lashes are significantly stronger and less brittle. Normally when I “strangle” my lashes as I try to remove my water-proof mascara, I see lash hair on the wet wipes but now, I rarely see any. With that I could really attest to Canmake Eye Lash Care Essence’s ability to recondition my lash hair. I also observed that my lashes somehow grew. It’s nothing dramatic but it’s there, I swear. Though I’m not sure why the results are more apparent on the lashes on my right eye compared to that on my left eye.. maybe I should put more on the left. Canmake Eye Lash Care Essence is slowly making my lashes longer and fuller. This I have to emphasize, it’s not an overnight miracle thing but it’s there. I’ll edit this post soon for the update. 🙂
Online this is being sold for 580 yen of USD 15-18 ( This is available locally thru The Prim Pad though I’m not sure for how much. Please contact the shop for the price.
What do you use to recondition your lashes? Care to share? 🙂
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