One of the steps I usually forget when I’m in a hurry is applying face primers so when I reorganized my makeup stash, I made sure to put all the primers I use for everyday use right beside my BB creams and foundation. Given how humid it can be in our country, face primer is definitely a must – well, for me, at least. I don’t think I need to emphasize how essential it is in keeping your face look good and your makeup intact the entire day, right? I assume you all know that without primers, your makeup would most likely slide around and just melt under the sun.

Anyway, I’ve talked about that at length in my previous posts so I won’t bore you with the same information. Let’s just go straight to this amazing face primer from CanMake that will soon be available locally. I seriously can’t wait!!! I need to get my hands on their BB creams ASAP. <3

 Product Description:
(Taken from
Just one application covers up skin unevenness, such as pores and fine lines. Creates a smooth skin surface that looks like natural, “unmade-up skin”, without any make-up. This is a new type of make-up base that you can use on the whole of your face – blends in smoothly to cover irregularities.
As expected from the kawaii Japanese brand, CanMake, their Smooth Skin Primer’s packaging is nothing short of cute and girly. It comes in a slim easy-squeeze tube with a narrow nozzle to control the product being dispensed and covered by a screw-lid cap. The dainty pink tube itself is velvety and it doesn’t look cheap at all. I like how lightweight and travel-efficient the plastic tube is. I just wish it had English translations for the ones written on the back part. Of all the face primers I currently own, I like this the best when it comes to size as it fits nicely in any pouch.
The primer comes out somewhere between cream and whipped mousse in terms of texture and consistency. It’s very soft, light on the skin and easy to blend out – it doesn’t ball up nor create streaks. It yields to a glowing, matte look and leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and supple like a baby’s bum! I just love how silky smooth my skin feels immediately after putting this on. It makes makeup application so much easier as it creates a smooth canvas where foundation could just glide on without any effort.

Best part is that a pea size of this CanMake Smooth Skin Primer goes a long way so this 16g tube could actually last me for months! Plus it has the needed SPF for daily use.. SPF18, not bad eh? If you have great skin to begin with, you could just apply this for oil control purposes and sun protection then that’s it – no need to layer on more makeup. πŸ™‚

Also, CanMake Smooth Skin Primer has a light beige tint to it that could ever-so slightly brighten the skin and blur out minor imperfections or blemishes on the skin. It noticeably diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores too! It is as if the mousse texture fills in those lines so that the foundation or powder wouldn’t settle on them. One thing I also noticed is that it was actually able to neutralize blue/green veins.

Refer to photo below. The right side is slightly lighter than the left side and the lines aren’t as visible, see? It works just as well with the pores around the nose area – although mine aren’t big enough for the camera to capture. Sorry! πŸ˜€

CanMake Smooth Skin Primer don’t do much for my makeup’s longevity but it is amazing when it comes to keeping my face (particularly my nose and forehead) shine-free throughout the day. I have combination oily skin so when I sweat and start to oil up, the foundation on my forehead usually slides around without primer. Good thing this is really effective in keeping oil at bay. Needless to say, it keeps my makeup in place by controlling the oil. Kudos!

If you have oily skin, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this too. πŸ™‚ I’d say CanMake Smooth Skin Primer is best for everyday use like quick errands or even school. But for all-night partying or big events, I suggest you go with something that could hold your makeup longer – something that’s more heavy-duty and without the SPF as it would reflect light from flash photography. Something like, say, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or L’oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer (Read review HERE). With all that’s said and done, CanMake Smooth Skin Primer is still a great everyday primer for me. πŸ™‚

Price: To be updated.
Available at: Their flagship store in the Philippines will be launched SOON.
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