Not all makeup bases and primers are created equal. Their
main purpose is the same, improve the longevity of your makeup and everything
else is a bonus. I always have this dilemma whenever I have pimple breakouts;
should I wear full coverage makeup to hide the breakout or NOT to apply makeup
entirely and let my skin breathe. The rational answer would of course be not to
wear makeup but I’m not always willing to walk around looking like a mess with
a huge pimple on my face as if I’m a walking bull’s eye. Heck, who is? So there’s
always a point when you have to choose whether to prioritize skincare or
makeup. So what would you do if you discover a cosmetic product that has the
benefits of a skincare product? Me, I would jump up and down out of excitement
and then move heaven and earth to get my hands on it, of course. LOL!

Product Info
(Provided by Korea
Feature : BLUE / PURPLE

Supplying sufficient moisture to the skin
is the fundamental basis of good make-up application.  This product alone
can prepare your skin for make-up!

Catalina Geo offers a World First with its
color capsule make-up base and essence. The make-up base offers these
benefits. UV filters to protect from our harsh environment. / Moisturizes
the skin / Oil free / Non allergenic.

Applying smoothly and evenly offering a
perfect base for your make-up to last all day.
Comes in three shades (2, 3 and 4) each
offering different benefits.
No.2 Green This neutralizes red, which makes it
perfect for camouflaging red cheeks, broken veins and blemishes.
No3. Blue. This is great for people with dark skin
or freckles or pigmentation in the skin.
No4. Violet This is used to offset shallowness
and to give the face a health glow because of its anti-dulling effect. It’s a
great pick-me-up for the face and will help tone down yellowness of the
skin.  It’s ideal for people with olive or yellow complexions.
35mL of Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make Up Base is housed in
a thick transparent plastic bottle with a pump for easy usage. The bottle as a
whole is pretty lightweight and very easy to carry around; if only they can
make the cap that covers the pump lock more securely, it will be even better
for travel. Believe me when I say 35mL is all you’ll ever need for months and
months of use. I’ve been using it for almost two months and I hardly caused any
dent to it! Note that I use it every single day and I still see myself using it
until summer of next year. It definitely gives you a great value for your money.
Looking from the sides you will see tiny violet capsules
suspended in a thick clear serum/essence. But once pumped, the inside bottom of
the bottle is moves upward (I’m guessing
with the use of a spring)
pushing the capsules closer to the pump. Thus, eliminating
the need for a tube inside the bottle. Cool, eh? 🙂
What is really interesting is that, once the product is
dispensed, the capsules become a lilac colored cream with a powdery texture.
It’s like the pump itself mashes the capsules and mixes it with the right
amount of essence just as I dispense the product. Talk about taking the
packaging to a whole new level. *wink

At first I thought it was odorless but after careful
deliberation, I noticed that it has a hint of baby oil’s smell. It’s really
unnoticeable though. I’ve actually been using it for a whole month before I
eventually noticed the smell. So yeah, the smell didn’t bother me at all as it
goes inconspicuously.
Most people use it a as base so they apply it right before
makeup application. By doing so, Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make Up Base
creates a brighter, more even colored canvass for the makeup. It gives a smooth
luminous glow to the skin even before makeup which I like. BUT this method tends to
create a white cast on the skin when overdone. This white cast is more noticeable on
me than other people because of my morena skin tone. 
So what I do is…
I mix a pea-sized amount of Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make
Up Base with my foundation/BB cream of choose at the back of my hand before
applying it on my face. For everyday use, I always go with EnCara BB Cream. I
observed that when the base is combined to my BB cream prior to application,
the consistency of the BB cream becomes thicker and the color happens to be
lighter as well but it reduces the white cast significantly. Also, it prevents
I would recommend this to girls with normal-dry skin and
also to those with oily skin ONLY IF they don’t mind blotting and retouching
their powder every once in a while to remove oil and shine.

With full makeup on using Catalina Geo Color Capsule mixed with EnCara BB Cream. See, no white cast? I intentionally didn’t conceal my under eye area because I will be wearing my huge eye glasses anyway. 🙂

My Verdict: Longevity-wise, I like Catalina Geo Color
Capsule Make Up Base for everyday use as it obviously improves, if not doubles,
my makeup’s staying lower. EnCara BB Cream has a great lasting power by itself
but when coupled with Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make Up Base, I still go home
with complete makeup after a tiring day at school even without bringing my makeup kit with me. Other than the fact that it’s not
available locally, the only downside of the product itself  is that it doesn’t keep shine and oiliness at
bay. I have combination dry-oily skin type and my forehead and nose bridge
still becomes oily during the middle of the day so I still have to blot those areas once or twice during the day. But overall, I’m impressed by how little amount
of Catalina Geo Color Capsule Make Up Base could go a long way and how easy it
is to use.

Available at Korea Cosmetics.