I personally think that most of the time, the key to great makeup lies heavily on the application itself and not the price tag of the products used. Expensive makeup + poorly-made brush OR cheap makeup + decent brush? Take this for example, my most expensive powder as of the moment is my MAC Lightful powder foundation and on the other end of the spectrum is my Maybelline Clear Smooth powder. If I had to apply my MAC powder using a crappy face brush which would result to uneven, streaky color and a whole lot of irritating scratchy feeling.. well, it’s sensible to just use a cheaper powder just as long as I could use a decent brush or any applicator for that matter. Does that make sense to you? πŸ™‚
So yeah, we don’t always have to splurge on makeup. I think we should utilize what we have and know how to really maximize their uses. I even know this one particular local YouTube guru who uses affordable makeup in ALL her videos but the end results are still awesome — I watch her videos because of that. Prices of the products used come after talent and skills.. not the other way around. πŸ˜‰
By the way, this review is to grant Micah Andrea Napiza‘s request:
“good eve po! just wanna request for your review re: Chic Cosmetic brush set. I already have their flat top and now contemplating if i have to buy the whole set. thanks thanks!”

Let’s start!
The first thing that popped in my mind upon opening the string pouch was “Sigma dupe!”. 
If you haven’t seen the famous Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Face Kit yet, check it out HERE and compare it yourself then tell me what you think. πŸ˜‰
Each brush is connected to a sleek and glossy wooden handle by silver metal ferrule. I like the silver Chic logo and labels on each brush. Can you see the little heart hovering above the letter “i”? Cute, noh? πŸ™‚ The handles are a bit chubby and heavier than most which is both a good and bad thing. Good because it’s easier to hold and gives you a better grip without it slipping whatsoever; and bad because it’s difficult to tote around as it is, like I said, heavy. — I wish they have a travel version of this set! 
Each of the 5 brushes are densely packed and are ultra soft! Again just to give emphasis on that, ULTRA SOFT!!! The synthetic bristles aren’t rough against the skin and doesn’t feel scratchy at all. For a good 3 minutes or so I just kept on brushing it on the back of my hand when I first got it. It’s addictingly soft and washing doesn’t change that.
I’ve washed this set twice already since I received it a few weeks ago and on both times, I did not encounter any brush bleeding nor shedding at any point. I must say, the ferrules of this set really are nicely-made! But for the drying part, I’ll have to buy brush guards to keep them in shape.
Just look at how dense they are! Almost no space left in between the bristles! <3
I can’t tell you how closely this resembles my Sigma F80 brush! It’s as soft and as dense as the former and even the appearance (black handle, silver ferrule and two-tone bristles) are the same! I’ll do an in-depth comparison soon. Going back to Chic’s flat synthetic brush, being similar to my F80 brush, it serves the same purpose too. I use it for applying and blending cream and liquid foundation because it’s density and circumference makes it so easy to blend products. This is an essential for a quick and flawless finish.
Honestly, after using this for the first time, I regretted ever splurging on my Sigma brushes. *face palm
Ahh.. my favorite among the set. This angled kabuki brush is even more densely packed than the other 4! Its subtle angle coupled with its dense bristles makes it great for applying blush and blending it ever so slightly out towards the temples of the face. The tip of the bristles are thinner thus creating a soft focus, blushing effect as it doesn’t concentrate the product on just a particular area — compared to flat top brushes. I prefer using this with loose blush products.
Another angled kabuki? Yes, ma’am! But this on is slightly narrower and isn’t as densely packed as the first one. I learned the “fan brush technique” for contouring from the very talented Ana Victorino and I have to admit, it’s pure genius! But personally, I don’t like strong and harsh contour lines. They look great on photos but not in person so I still opt to use fluffier brushes than a fan brush in contouring my face. And that’s when this angled kabuki comes in handy. It’s thin enough to contour the hallows of the cheeks yet fluffy enough to be able to mildly blend away the contour line for a more natural looking – but still prominent – cheek bones and jaw line.
Round kabuki is definitely the cutest of them all! I remember holding this for a few minutes and thinking what’s it for. LOL! Only after setting my makeup with ELF HD setting powder did I realize this guy’s purpose. Like the angled kabuki, the tip isn’t too flat so it doesn’t put too much product on a specific area. I prefer using this with loose products as well. It does a great job in buffing powder or setting your foundation.
This is also great for applying blush if you want it to just lay on top of your cheekbones instead of slightly contouring your face with the blush.
When I first open the pouch, this is the first one that caught my eyes. It was very different from the other 4 brushes in terms color and softness. The pointed tip is just about the right shape and size to reach the the areas of the face that’s hard to reach with normal brushes.
One thing though, when used with liquid foundations, this brush has the tendency to soak up some of the product and store it somewhere near the roots and in between the bristles. I think this has something to do with how thick the brush is. Also, it takes longer to dry.  What I normally do is apply the foundation on the contours of my face using this brush to make sure that every inch of my face gets the right amount of product it needs and then for blending, I reach out for the flat top brush. πŸ™‚
Why would I shell out $62 (roughly around Php 2500) for a 4-piece kabuki set when I have this awesome dupe for less than half the price? Php 1100 for all 5 brushes? Now that’s an awesome bargain. *wink
Don’t forget to check out Chic Cosmetics Manila! They’re on sale which makes this set even cheaper — Php 850 for 5 Sigma dupe brushes.
So tell me, is this a good buy or not? πŸ˜‰
This is definitely going on my February Favorites list come the end of this month.
How about you, what’s your favorite brush (set) this month? πŸ™‚

*Disclaimer: The product featured here was sent by the shop for PR purposes but all the contents are based on my own and unbiased opinion*