When it comes to doing product reviews, both my most and least favorite part would have to be swatching lip products. I just hate the shape of my lips – it’s frustrating how they’re so unattractive! Argh! And in doing multiple swatches, I’m subjecting my lips to a great deal of rubbing and exfoliating my already-dried-up smackers. Although the bright side in that is that I’ll have a “database” of lipstick shades that I already own. 🙂
The newest additions to my so-called database are these Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipsticks I got during their Hot Hues event early this year. Read more about the event HERE.
Product Description:
(Taken from www.sampleroom.ph)

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipstick. Achieve rich, longwearing color that glides on smoothly and doesn’t fade away easily. Always hydrating and never drying, this high-cushioned lipstick keeps lips moisturized all day, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and stops feathering to give lips the perfect plumped-up appearance. Slim and handy, with a see through window for easy identification.
Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks come in these slim black plastic tubes. The tubes have a clear panel on the middle section which shows the color of each lipstick. This small detail is actually a big help if you’re in a hurry. The overall packaging is rather lightweight and travel-friendly. My only concern with it is that the twist-thingy has the tendency to become loose very easily thus making it hard to retract the lipstick bullet back into the tube. Other than that, I like how simple the packaging is.
Naked Peach is a typical nude shade but with peach base that gives it a little more color. Initially, I thought this would be a cult favorite because of the simple yet lively shade that would definitely go well with everything BUT it turns out that the finish makes it very unflattering on the lips. It tends to emphasize any dry areas on the lips as it settles in them. Make absolutely sure that you exfoliate your lips before putting this one on.
 Love Me is a lovely muted mauve shade that is perfect for those, like me, who have slightly darker lips naturally and want to go with the “my lips only better” look. It’s a lighter version of the Wet ‘n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Mauve Outta Here (907C) (Read review HERE) and with a different finish.
 Angelic is a soft nude color but with a rosy touch. This is one of my favorite shades from this bunch because it is very easy to wear and quite refreshing, too. <3
 Head Turner is a bright hot pink shade with a bit of blue undertone. With its fun and bold color, you’ll truly be a show-stopper with this one on. 😉
 Kiss & Tell is a soft warm pink shade. It is so versatile that it actually looks good on any skin tone and any makeup look as well.
 Bellissima is a subtle reddish coral shade that is great for laid back looks as it is not too loud or obnoxiously bold.
 Hot Summer is a cherry-red shade. It sheerer and less opaque than the other red shades but it still offers a decent payoff especially for everyday use – if you’re looking for a simple red shade to perk up your everyday errand look, this is your guy right here.
 Queen Bee, a warm light red color. That said, this youthful red shade would look best on those with the same warm undertone. 
 Temtpress is a deep true red shade that compliments any type of undertone. It is the most formal and elegant-looking among all the reds in this bunch. It looks very hot and sophisticated. If you’re going to pull off a sultry look, this is your best bet.
 And last but definitely not the least; Plum Promise is a beautiful medium plum color with a slightly sheer finish. Oxblood shades are apparently the trend right now and this baby right here fits right in. If you plan on wearing true-oxblood or deep plum shades but not yet ready to commit, this is a great lipstick to warm up to. Baby steps, my cherie. :*
All of the 10 Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipsticks I tried are very soft and creamy. They glide on the lips effortlessly – like butter on a pan! The darker shades are more opaque in terms of color pay off compared to the lighter ones. As expected, the lighter shades are sheerer and a lot less forgiving to those with dry lips as the creaminess help accentuate cracks and crevices on the lips.

They all have this beautiful shiny finish and a lovely hint of vanilla scent. I love how Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Slim Lipsticks don’t feel dry on the lips. I’m guessing the sheen is due to the moisturizing ingredients. Could it be Vitamin E? Hmm..

Peaches & pinks. These are generally great for simple everyday looks. The shades are soft, natural and not intimidating at all – with the exemption of Head Turner, of course, as the name suggests.
Reds & plums. These are best for formal events. The reds are very nice and classy – the three in the middle are awesome choices depending on your age and the look you are going for. For any work-related errands, I’ll totally go for these shades. I think it’s alright to be a little intimidating when you’re trying to command respect and project an aura of authority. 🙂
The staying power is greatly affected by the opacity and finish of each individual shade. Those that are on the lighter side usually last for 2-3 hours while the rest would have as much as 4-5 hours of wear time. However, one thing I noticed that seemed to be common for majority of the shades is the pink stain they tend to leave on the lips. It enhances the staying power but it kind of baffles me how very similar the stains are despite the difference on the original color. Weird, I know, but I really do love the stain as it gives my lip a bit of color even after hours of wear.

Price: Php 350 each
Available from: Colour Collection and Tupperware Brands Distributors