Whoever said that a girl could never have enough lipsticks wasn’t kidding! I’ve gone through the whole “lipstick stage” where I bought more or less 18 tubes in one month and I still don’t think I have every shade I’ll ever need. Like eye makeup, different lipstick shades can express a wide variety of moods and emotions. I remember this seductive role in a play I have to portray.. can you think of a better way of embodying such role than with a sizzling hot red lipstick with matching black winged liner? Well, I can’t. I couldn’t be more excited with the addition of these 3 to my little lipstick collection. All thanks to Sample Room VIP points, I got all three shades. Yey! 
Product Description:
(Taken from www.sampleroom.ph)
Keep your lips healthy and kissable with Colour Collection’s Vitamin E Lipsticks, a range of lipsticks that are formulated with Vitamin E, making your lips still look moisturized and supple even long after the color wears off. It also has sunscreen that protects your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Tupperware Brands’ premier cosmetic line presents these specially enriched glam lipsticks with Vitamin E – widely known for its capability to speed up cell regeneration and retain natural moisture content of the skin.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks are housed in these classic gold and black tubes. They’re nice and all but what concerns me is the plastic tube for they don’t appear to be very durable. Plus the overall packaging is quite bulky for my preference. I think I would’ve been better if they made it the tubes slimmer just so they’d me more travel-friendly. Each lipstick have their shade names printed on a sticker at the bottom of the tube like most lipsticks. Although I wish they could’ve made the font bigger or bolder to make it easier to read.

Well, those are just a couple of minor personal suggestions regarding the packaging. Nothing too serious that would stop me from using these. With all honesty, I think Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks are great! You’ll have to read on to know more of course. πŸ™‚

Let’s start with my current everyday lipstick, Pinkish Nude (Sheer).

Contrary to its name, Pinkish Nude, I think it is more of a muted coral shade that translates to a nice, very natural “my lips only better” shade when worn. Given that it has a sheer finish, it doesn’t offer much pigmentation, just enough to even out the lip color. If you have dark lip lines like me and doesn’t want to wear bold lip colors for everyday use, this could be your best bet.

It’s very soft,creamy and it goes on incredibly smoothly, too! Like I said, color isn’t exactly buildable for the shade is very light and with a good amount of sheen to it. Surprisingly, in spite this, it doesn’t sit on tiny lip lines. No dryness or lip cracks with this one as it is indeed very moisturizing! With this, I don’t see the need to prep my lips with a lip balm before application. It doesn’t have much staying power – a good 3 hours at most – probably because of its sheer finish. 
FOTD: Lazy Sunday Morning – Best for “No Makeup” looks!
Next we have Kissmark (Matte).
There’s no better way to describe Kissmark than “a matte, true Barbie pink shade”. I mean, if Barbie was real – and on a budget – she’d probably buy this by the dozen! It’s very bold, bright and girly but more forgiving than say, Wet N Wild in Doll House (See it HERE)? Kissmark doesn’t wash me out and that’s saying a lot given my morena skin. If you have fairer skin, it’s a no-brainer. You can definitely rock this shade!

 Granted that Kissmark has a matte finish, it is expected that it is not as soft and creamy as the other two but with way better wear time of 4-5 hours. It’s not as moisturizing too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not drying at any rate; just not moisturizing. A lip balm prior application is still a must with Kissmark. Plus side is that it offers way more color payoff with an added lovely stain afterwards. I love the opacity and how buildable the color is. Although it has a tendency of accentuating extremely dry, cracked lips. Don’t forget to exfoliate those smackers for a flawless look! πŸ˜€

FOTD: Simple Yet Girly – A Quick Perk-Me-Up Shade!

Last but not the least, my favorite among the three – Red Wine (Satin).

 Now, Red Wine is an old fashioned brick red shade from the bullet but once swatched, it becomes this gorgeous warm deep red shade that’s very strong yet easy to pull off. It isn’t intimidating at all! If you’re new to red lipsticks, you might want to ease up with this shade first. It goes well with everything – I imagine it can complement any skin tone  and it even makes my teeth appear whiter. I look so grown up and sophisticated with my Red Wine on. πŸ˜‰

 Like Pinkish Nude, this is also creamy and it easily glides on the lips but it has less shine and more color. I can’t stress how much I love how buildable the color is. Plus it gives my lips a healthy sheen to it without looking like a slabbed on truck loads of gloss. Wear time is around 3-4 hours and it’s totally moisturizing to the lips! <3

FOTD: All Dolled Up For A Meeting – Great for formal events!

Can’t decide which one you like best? Here’s a side-by-side swatches for your reference to help you choose. πŸ˜‰
This goes without saying but just for the record, I really think  Colour Collection Lipsticks are absolutely worth it! They’re obviously fairly priced given how pigmented they are. I’m even thinking about getting other shades. Hmm.. By the way, this wasn’t my first encounter with Colour Collection lipsticks. Read my other review HERE. So yeah, I’m pretty sure Colour Collection lippies won’t disappoint you as well. πŸ™‚
Price: Php 330 each
Available from: Tupperware Brands Direct Sellers
I got mine from Sample Room for 85pts. each!
What can I say, the different shades brought out the different sides of me. LOL!
Which shade did you like best? Don’t forget to check out Sample Room – they might still have it.<3