Argan Oil (also referred to as Liquid Gold) has gathered quite a lot of praises from Hollywood stars and beauty icons. It’s basically a plant-based solution that relieves dry hair and patchy skin – it is said to be richer than olive oil in vitamin E and is filled with fatty acids. Let’s just put it this way; it’s a minefield of natural goodness making it one of nature’s most effective moisturizers to date. 
Too much chemical hair treatments could easily strip our hair’s natural moisture but since Argan Oil is very light and it can penetrate the hair shaft, it can ultimately repair damaged hair follicles from within. Essentially, what Argan oil does it that it helps keep the color vibrant, prevent dryness and acts as heat and pollution protectant.

Anyway, this haircare set sent to me by Ms. Tenylle of Cynos Inside Haircare actually came with a bottle of Morocco Argan Oil but I decided to create a different post for that one. Why, you ask? Because I’d like to show you some other ways of using it. Argan Oil isn’t a crowd’s favorite for nothing, you know. πŸ˜‰

Both shampoo and conditioner came in a 240mL bronze plastic bottles with a push top cap. I would personally prefer a pump since both products quite thick in consistency but this kind of cap works too. It’s easy to control how much product is dispensed and it’s very easy to store. The overall look of the bottles is quite simple yet professional in a way. Plus, I really appreciate the seal. I hardly see that from hair products. And oh, the witty word play on “therapy” and “hair” was cool too. πŸ™‚
Cynos Argan Oil THAIRapy Moisture Vitality Shampoo
This shampoo is unlike other shampoos I’ve used before – it’s very rich and thick in consistency. Given its consistency, it takes a bit more than what I would usually use on my hair. Well, even the foam is quite rich, too, actually but it lathers nicely. It has a distinct salon-type, milky coconut scent that’s easy on the nose. Nothing that’s overwhelming to the senses, I assure you. The scent isn’t a favorite of mine but I’m fine with it. πŸ™‚

What’s great about this shampoo is that it was able to keep my hair smelling fresh even after shower and most importantly, my hair and scalp weren’t as oily as they used to when I commute. You know how it is when you combine rush hour, humid weather and awful traffic. Ugh! Less oil = Less dust and dirt.
Cynos Argan Oil THAIRapy Moisture Vitality Conditioner
This, I’m totally in love with. Where do I begin? Lemme see.. I love the mild milky smell and hair mask-like consistency. And oh, a little goes a long way with this one! It makes my hair incredibly soft and manageable after wash. Normally, my hair can’t live without those at-home hair treatments but when I used this, I barely needed any of my “weekend hair treatments”. In less than a month, dry and frizzy ends caused by my regular hair color treatments significantly lessened. The only downside to this was that there weren’t any improvement in the hair fall department throughout use so I still use my L’Oreal Paris Hair Repair 3X Tonic (Read review HERE).
Result on newly colored hair:
Super late post. My hair doesn’t look like this anymore. :3

I’ve always wanted to have red hair. So when I was picking out which hair color to go for, the obvious choice would’ve been red, right? But I was still hesitant at the time and the reason behind it is that red fades soooo fast and sometimes it even turns to this horrible copper brown shade that irks me. After a long argument with myself while getting my nails done, I decided to go with red though the odds of it looking good after a month or so is against it.

But lo and behold! After 4 weeks of Cynos Argan Oil THAIRapy Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair is still red! <3 It did lighten a bit and turned slightly brown-ish but hey, red is still red. I love how it maintained most of the color and even if it did change a bit, the color is still even – no streaks, see? My hair was somewhat of a deep burgundy color at first then after almost a month, it became a medium red shade. Well if anything, it just made my hair color even more vibrant under direct sunlight.

There you go. For those who are fond of coloring your hair, this would be a great product to try. I highly recommend this duo! It made my hair soft, manageable and preserved my gorgeous red hair. Need I say more? πŸ™‚