To make it up to for being MIA, I’ll be scheduling some of your most requested reviews. Now, you know how much of a hair color addict I am. I keep my hair straight and to keep it look a lot less boring, I switch my hair color every other month or so. Some of my long-time readers often ask how I keep my hair healthy enough to be dyed a new color with minimal breakage. Here’s my honest to goodness answer; I regularly switch products, like in my skincare routine, so that my hair wouldn’t be “immuned” to their active properties that make them great.

I recently came across another great haircare range and this one is especially designed for damaged hair. And seeing how damaged and brittle my hair is, I know I’m in dire need of expert help before I get the chance to color my hair again. Introducing my current favorite: Cynos Intense Repair Haircare Range!

Product Description:
The pH balancing formula is specifically formulated for damaged hair fibers. It is sulphate free, enriched with conditioners and green tea extract, gently cleanses hair whilst helps restore strength, improves manageability and shine, returns damaged hair to its optimal level of health.

The Cynos Intense Repair Shampoo (Php750) and Conditioner (Php800) are both thick and rich in consistency. But surprisingly, I don’t need much shampoo to cover my massive hair. I have this weird habit of counting how many times I pump bottles when I take a bath, and for the record, I only need 3 [pumps] to get the rich lather I like. The conditioner is a different case, though. I always need about double the amount of shampoo–this is true no matter what brand I use. Which is why I always empty my conditioner bottles way before I do my shampoo bottles. This is mind; I always get a bigger bottle of conditioner. I’m weird like that. *wink!
Both shampoo and conditioner have a distinct floral scent. I love how the scent engulfs the entire bathroom when I bathe and how the scent stays on my locks even after rinsing it off.
I haven’t had much use for this Cynos Moisture Plus Spray because between the shampoo-conditioner combo and the hair oil, my hair is already as soft and hydrated as I want it to be. I did, however, used it when I was in Baguio for a weekend. I didn’t want to wash my hair with hot shower but I can’t really bathe with the chilling cold water. And with the cold weather, my hair felt dry and limp. Thank goodness this spray offered instant relief! It made my hair softer and with slightly more volume, without the hassle!
Cynos Soft’n Silky Hair Squama Repair is obviously my favorite from this line. This hair oil is a lot richer than usual hair oils, but it only takes a few good pumps for my whole hair–from root to tip! The packaging is pleasantly quirky, too. My only concern, though, is the pump. Because the oil is thick, it takes time for the pump to go always back up and it tends to slightly leak on the sides of the black pump. But even with that, this is still my favorite from the bunch! <3
Even with just shampoo and conditioner, although messy, you’d see that split-ends aren’t as severe as you’d expect given my hair’s history. Hair breakage and hair fall were also lessened. By the way, the ends are lighter because I dyed them blonde early this year. Not because of split-ends or anything. 🙂 My hair became noticeably stronger, but not thicker after a month of use. And oh, it’s incredibly soft, too!
Now this is why I love the Soft’n Silky Hair Squama Repair. It makes my hair shinier and more manageable. It’s so much easier to comb after applying the oil so I often apply it while my hair is damp, to prevent unnecessary breakage. I just love how it keeps my hair like this for hours without weighing it down.
Since my hair is a lot better now [thanks to this Cynos Intense Repair Haircare Range] I was able to dye my hair black 2 weeks ago. I realized that the last time my hair was plain black was in college and I thought the simplicity of it complemented my face. And now I can wear my MAC Seasoned Plum lipstick! The black hair and violet lips look awesome together! Very antagonistic, just how I like it. 🙂
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