The contents for my everyday makeup kit change almost every other week to give way to new products for review. There are those that had made the cut and were able to become a staple in my kit. One great example of this is this Cynos Morocco Argan Oil. Since July up until now, I have this inside my pouch wherever I go – may it be for regular errands, events or even out-of-town trips. This was my hair’s best friend through thick and thin and I’d like to keep it at that. πŸ™‚
All the natural goodness of Cynos Morocco Argan Oil is contained in a durable frosted glass bottle with a very commendable pump. The pump is easy to push as it gently dispenses controlled amount of product. It doesn’t release too much all at once nor does it squirt the product all over the place even when pressed hurriedly.
Unlike the regular hair oils I’ve tried before, Cynos Morocco Argan Oil is extremely light and runny in consistency. A small amount, say 2-3 pumps, would suffice. It’s rich but it doesn’t feel icky or oily which is strange because it is, indeed, an oil. I love how it nearly doesn’t have any smell to it. It’s very neutral and smooth. Come to think of it, it’s so light that it could actually pass as moisturizing body oil!

Argan Oil is dubbed as the liquid gold not because of its color but primarily because it is very multi-purpose. This Cynos Morocco Argan Oil is marketed as hair oil – I use it as that but I also found several other uses for it. Some people use Argan Oil in lieu of regular serums and creams because of its natural goodness but that’s just too much for my combination skin.

I do, however, use it on some parts of my body to revive and sooth dry patches. Yup, it has proven to be good for that. Also, using a flat eyeliner “push” brush, I use Cynos Morocco Argan Oil to care for my lashes as well. Surprisingly, it makes my lashes stronger.

Witness Cynos Morocco Argan Oil in action.
See how Cynos Morocco Argan Oil makes the hair instantly sleek and shiny without being too oily? My hair isn’t dull and lifeless anymore. With my hair’s current length, volume is very important. Good thing this doesn’t weigh the hair down into a stiff limp. Plus, no more tiny baby hair sticking out. Hurrah! πŸ˜€
Cynos Morocco Argan Oil detangles the hair effectively and keeps it at that by making it smooth. The ends look instantly healthier as well. Like I said, I always keep this inside the makeup kit I bring every day. It has become a staple part of my everyday routine because my hair looks unbearable without it. So just to be safe, I have it inside my to-go pouch.

Without a doubt, Cynos Morocco Argan Oil is a great product. It’s multi-purpose and it definitely works well with my Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator (Read review HERE) that serves as my heat protectant. If you’re having a bad hair day, I’m sure you’ll be reaching out for this soon.

Available at: Nail-A-Holics, Bench Fix, Jimmy Lu Salon, Tinette & Co., Creations by Lourd Ramos, Louis Phillip Kee Salon, Elevation Salon, FreashAire Salon, Going Straigt Salon. Emphasis Salon & Salon G2
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