Religiously following my skincare regimen did not, at any rate, spare me from random pimples which, I think, exist only to annoy me. Some are more fortunate than others when it comes to breakouts but I think no one is ever safe from them. Eek! HAHA! That felt like a good opening voice over for a horror movie. :))

I can only imagine how severe breakout can be a nightmare to some and I’m just glad I never really experience it at full extent. My little brother, on the other hand, is not so lucky. Ever since he started high school, his skin has been acting up. It’s not as serious as I put it out to be but compared to my other sibling’s, I think our youngest had it the worst. That said, I decided to test this on him and then documenting the progress. Let’s start.

 Product Description:
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Keeps pores unclogged, prevents blackheads and whiteheads with time-released Salicylic acid through advanced double encapsulation technology. Helps skin become clear, smooth and even-toned. Continuously works to clear acne even after rinsing.
Dermax AcneX Exfoliant Soap contains Sodium Stearate that is frequently used in soaps for its mild cleansing properties that are said to make it easier for water to remove grime off the skin. It was originally used to treat skin diseases as well. Also, it contains Salicylic Acid that is commonly known for its pimple-drying effect. From those facts alone you can just imagine how tough and drying this can be to the skin so if you have dry skin, I’d suggest you stir clear of this. On the other hand, for those with normal to oily skin, moderation is still key. We don’t want to dehydrate our skin, right?

During the first 2 weeks, my brother used this twice a day but I noticed that his skin was becoming a bit dry and as I thought, he confirmed that his skin does feel stretched after wash. For the following weeks, I asked him to use it once a day – only at night. With this regimen, Dermax AcneX Exfoliant Soap still worked its magic without drying the skin. As per instructions, it is advised that you use this twice a day but then again, try to “feel” what your skin’s current state is.

For a medicated soap, you’d expect it to be harsh on the skin and with strong awful smell. I used it a couple of times, too, and I can attest that AcneX, although it smells a bit like medicinal herbs, it doesn’t smell as bad as you’d think it would. The scent is faint and it doesn’t stay on the skin. Phew! It’s easy to wash off, too, and it doesn’t sting the eyes as much.

P.S I suggest you try this too. I like cutting up bar soaps into small portions to avoid the unnecessary melting of some parts. This 135g soap lasted almost 2 months. Not bad, eh? πŸ˜€

As for the result: *drum rolls please*
Like I said, I’m not really acne-prone (thank God for that!) so I asked my lil brother to use it for a couple of weeks. He doesn’t have severe acne problems but as any teen going through puberty, he gets tiny pimples around the cheek and forehead. Well as you can see, those tiny bumps significantly lessened over the span of 6 weeks. I’d also like to think that Dermax AcneX Exfoliant Soap prevented new ones from popping up. There are still some pimples left but not as many and as obvious as before.
Oh, please don’t mind the difference in hue/color – the first one was taken indoors while the after shot was taken outside, in broad daylight and my camera was on auto focus. πŸ™‚
I can say that it is rather effective! Even my brother thinks so, too. He’s been bugging me to get him another bar as this one’s about to run out soon. I’m beginning to think vanity runs in the family. HAHA! I would most definitely recommend this to those who have oily, acne-prone skin especially for teens. Budget-friendly and effective – who won’t want that?
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