We all want better skin – less visible pores, fewer pimples, even skin tone and brighter overall complexion. Our unending desire to have flawless skin and the fact that each person’s skin reacts to products differently have encouraged more and more variation in skincare products. No wonder why both commercial and online brands try to come up with more skincare lines to cater to varying consumer needs.
 This DermXpert 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment Kit was generously sent to me by Krave Cosmeceuticals a few months ago for review purposes. But as you all know, I try most anti-acne products on my brother since he has been plagued with breakouts since he hit puberty. And on our quest to find the best mix of products for his sensitive/acne prone skin, we decided to give this a shot. This is his first try of a peeling set so we both had our hopes up. Read more to know the results.

 The DermXpert 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment Kit includes:
2 Renewing Solution (10g), 1 Eventide Cream (20g), 1 Sunscreen with SPF15 (20g), 1 Reconstructing Toner (30g), 1 Cooling Solution (10g), 1 Bright-C with Calamansi & Lemon Peel Extract Soap and a step-by-step manual on how to use the kit.
As per instructions, you are supposed to apply the oil-based Renewing Solution on the first and third day of the 6-Day Renewal Stage. One bottle of Renewing Solution is good for one use. The oil was pretty greasy and heavy on the skin. My brother described it as having a mild burning sensation a few minutes after application. And because you have to empty the whole bottle in one use, you have to keep on reapplying until you finish the bottle. You are not supposed to apply anything else on the skin or use any other skincare product in conjunction with this set. The skin is expected to start peeling on the third or fourth night – and it did.  More about this later. 
According to the manual as well, itchiness, redness and minor discomfort is to be expected throughout the peeling process. This is what the Cooling Solution is for. Once the feeling of discomfort is becomes unbearable, you are advised to apply a thin layer of the Cooling Solution to help subside any form of discomfort.
 The kit says 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment but the whole kit actually good for 1-2 months. Like I said, the only product you’ll use for the 6-Day renewing stage is the Renewing Solution. The rest are for maintenance. If I’m not mistaken, I think Krave has already repackaged and re-branded the set but the products and procedures are still the same.
 Now for the moment of truth, the results after almost 3 weeks of continuous usage:
As if on cue, my brother’s face started peeling after the third day – just like the manual said it would. The peeling was in no way subtle. Big chunks of transparent plastic-like layers of skin started shedding in the most unattractive way. It’s important to note that he did not use this while on vacation so he had no choice but to go to school looking like this! He had to endure it. Applying face powder even worsens the situation as it makes the peeling more noticeable. He didn’t use any kind of face powder for more than a week despite his oily skin.

This is probably one of the downfalls of this DermXpert 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment; you can’t use it unless you’re going to stay at home for 1-2 weeks. Else you’ll have to go out looking like a decaying corpse. HAHA. Okay, I’m exaggerating but you get what I mean. πŸ˜›

If the goal is JUST to peel the top most layer of the skin then it is very effective but it’s not. It’s supposed to dry out acne and then peel off the skin to reveal a newer, more even skin complexion. Unfortunately, both my brother and I did not see any improvement in his skin after almost 3 weeks. On the first week, during the peeling, my brother experienced breakout worse than what he normally encounters. See picture of his forehead. More pimples were starting to pop up and they’re even bigger than before!

I thought this was just a purging stage wherein it would turn worse before becoming better but it wasn’t. More and more pimples surfaced which concerned me. His skin tone did lighten ever-so slightly but what good is it if his face is covered with pimples, right? That said, I had him stop with the maintenance products and brought him to Nisce Skin ‘N Face in Nuvali instead where we sought professional help. With regular facial and derma products, his skin is a lot better now.

As much I don’t want to admit it, I think the results were not enough given the whole ordeal. My brother had to go to school with skin peeling off his face and for what? To worsen his breakout in exchange for slightly lighter skin? Sorry but I don’t think it’s worth it.. for us, at least. Try to compare the photo below with the “before” shots above. πŸ™

But like I always say, to each his own. DermXpert 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment was not “hiyang” for his skin but that doesn’t mean it won’t work on you, too.  I’m simply sharing what my brother experienced with the said kit to hopefully inform readers and potential users that this could happen. Skincare kits are not always a sure thing. Buy at your own risk.
To be fair, the DermXpert 6-Days Total Skin Renewal Treatment did actually work on other people. What happened to my brother may very well be an isolated case since our skin tends to react differently, of course. You can check out their other testimonials from successful clients HERE.
Price: Php 899
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