HI, girls!  I don’t know if some of you remember but I said in one of my posts way way back that I’ve always categorized clinic facials as one of  my dreadful (vanity-related) experiences. Why? I just hate laying very still for almost an hour while a random lady pricks and removes my white heads and black heads. I simply hate the idea.
That’s why facial scrubs and masks are my buddies. Just a few minutes with my scrub and mask once or twice a week and I can save myself from the horror of a facial, I tell myself. Not to mention the money that I save! Anyway, I’m back with another product review on one of the skincare products Korea Cosmetics sent me few weeks ago. This time, it’s about a very interesting product that, as far as I know, hasn’t reached the Philippine market yet.
Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to Doctor Salt. A multi-purpose scrub which contains Korean natural salt that are said to be more abundant in minerals and has less sodium compared to salt from France, Mexico and China. 
FYI, too much sodium causes dry and flaky skin. I’m sure no one wants that. πŸ˜‰
Product Information 
(Taken from Korea Cosmetics’ site)

DOCTOR SALT is a functional cosmetic salt added with honey, antimicrobial, patented ceramic composition, resilient ingredient and moisturizing ingredient into the mineral rich and domestically purified salt. From ancient times, salt has been widely used not only for food but also for beauty ingredient. It is said that salt was a Cleopatra’s favorite and salt came into use to brush the teeth in Korea long ago.
The action of osmotic pressure of Doctor Salt helps promote metabolism by effectively removing wastes in the body and reduce swelling by enhancing blood circulation. In addition, it helps clear acne or rashes by a sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect and makes your teeth and gums stronger and gets rid of bad breath if you brush your teeth with the salt. This is a functional salt with an excellent moisturizing effect taken by attaching salinity to the skin and with a properties to keep a human body warm to be used to relieve the muscle and joint pain. This is a sticky gel type making it easy to use and consists of fine particle with no irritation to skin.

Korea Cosmetics sent me this huge trial container. Again, let me emphasize HUGE. I had no idea what it was so when I opened it, my initial reaction was, “Why did they send my this brown pudding?”. So I immediately turned my laptop on to read more about the product on their site. Silly me, of course it wasn’t a pudding. Sending my a pudding all the way from Korea would be illogical. As it turns out, it was an all around scrub that can be used on the face, body, feet and even on the scalp. Surprising, isn’t it?
This is what the product looks like up close. Looks a lot like pudding, right? πŸ˜€
How to use Doctor Salt:
For Body Massage,
After shower, take some amount (10g~30g) and apply on wet body.
Massage body and get sweat in sauna.
 As Facial Washing,
Enlarge pores with steam towel. Put some Doctor Salt in warm water and massage for 3~5min, and then wash out with water.
For Foot Massage,
Put Doctor Salt on entire feet and massage, and then cover feet with wrap. After 10~20 min. wash out it.
Use For Scalp,
After shampoo, put 5g of Doctor Salt in some water and apply on scalp softly. After 5 min. wash out it.
Half-Bath/Foot Bath,
Put 30~50g of Doctor Salt in warm water, and then take half bath and foot bath.

Visit Korea Cosmetics’ site HERE for more details.

It has a paste-like texture. One small clump of the product contains a lot of salt scrubs to remove the top layer of our skin which is dry and damaged because of continuous exposure to the sun and unhealthy eating. I remember an advertisement for a food supplement said, removing the damaged layer of the skin lets us show off a natural glow. Not my words. LOL!;) And since this scrub is organic, you can expect it to be free from any funky chemical smell.
So far, I’ve tried using it for my feet, body and face. I always forget to bring it with me when I take a bath so I hadn’t got the chance to try it with my shampoo yet. It’s effective in removing dead skin cells as well as white heads and black heads but I’m not as thrilled in using it on my face as I am using it as scrub for my body and feet. The salt are a bit too rough on the skin and causes my face to be really red after washing. But as far as scrubs go, this is very relaxing and effective when used on other parts of the body (such as arms, feet and legs) with thicker skin. Now I can give myself a relaxing foot spa at the comfort of my own dorm after wearing my heels all day. πŸ™‚
I won’t be able to show you in pictures how baby soft my skin feels after using Doctor Salt as a body scrub but with that much salt particles? How can dead skin cells escape that? πŸ˜‰